On Kashmir: Fighting for sovereignty is no children’s game!

By Dr Abdul Ruff | October 21, 2016 |

India has already murdered over 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims and yet is not fully satisfied with the bloodbath in Kashmir valley. Unfortunately, UN still refuses to recognize the genocides of Kashmiri Muslims being perpetrated by Indian occupation forces in the Kashmiris valley, empowered by Indian regime with special draconian military powers, without any sense of guilt. Unfortunately, India believes neither in punishment of God nor any legally binding punitive measures for its crimes against humanly thanks to US support which it has garnered, obviously by paying them huge sums. Kashmiris are powerless, resource less and oil less.  They are also misguided.

India would never let Pakistan take away Kashmir it occupies, come what may. It even could opt to use nukes, destroying entire South Asia, if not beyond.  Kashmiris fighting for “freedom” would not achieve anything, except genocides and, therefore, should realize the hard facts before than instead of trusting in illusions about taking Kashmir to Pakistan. First of all, they won’t be safe in Pakistan which is in turmoil and USA, Israel and Russia would not let it become a serious Islamic nation.

Terrorism of all sorts won’t promote Islam anywhere. However, there is a possibility of positive response from New Delhi if Kashmiris seek to revive Jammu Kashmir as a sovereign nation. It is nave and over-simplification of facts about Kashmir, including he wars between two nuke powers India and Pakistan and genocides of Muslims in Kashmir, if separatist Kashmiris groups and Pakistan ask India to transfer the control rights of Jammu Kashmir to Pakistan, especially when USA has turned its terror back on Pakistani claims of Kashmir and even Azad Kashmir. .

First of all, Pakistan is a destabilized American puppet, incapable of independent decisions as it existence is linked with aid form USA and EU, as if Pakistan has no economy at all. Pakistani regime, using Kashmiris to fight for Pakistani “rights” to have Kashmir by getting transferred control rights to Islamabad from New Delhi, has already spoiled the freedom struggle and reduce d it to mere pro-Pakistan fight only to get Kashmiris killed by Indian terror forces with Zionist terror goods.

Hence Kashmir freedom groups must demand a sovereign Kashmir from both India and Pakistan for which there would be global support. Also Kashmiris have to link their struggle with that of global struggles so that there could be proper perspective from Kashmiris, cutting across all sections. Otherwise, what has been happening is a weak path without any credible perspective. India and Pakistan could become soverign nations mainly because Britain, for whatever reasons and compulsions, was willing to transfer power to them.

Time is ripe now to demand sovereignty back in a honest manner and without any hidden agenda about joining Pakistan once they achieve sovereignty from India. India can always take it back if Kashmiris misbehave or betray India by declaring being a part of Pakistan after and if they get sovereignty back.

Pakistan knows that.  Pakistan has to help the Kashmiris get full sovereignty let them establish an independent nation with which, it, like India, can establish good neighborly relations. Kashmiris are used to curfews and state arrogance.  The latest curfew had been imposed in Kashmir following the killing of Hizbul-Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani on July 8. Since then, the Valley had witnessed unprecedented turmoil, deaths and military-police chase.

At long lost the curfew was lifted on August 29, 51 days after being imposed – the longest curfew in the entire history of the Kashmir unrest. This time, the protests reached even the remotest hamlets of the Valley, where until then, protests had only been heard about, never actually seen. Even though there had been a strict curfew in the city, some restricted movements were allowed.

Every day, as per the calendar, the shutdown would be in force until six in the evening after which the shops and business would reopen. However, any time, the Indian forces as usual would break window panes with canes and stones, and hurl abuses at the people in the streets.  Within minutes, the shutters would be rolled down and silence would take over. In a few alleys, some would chant azaadi slogans and try to intimidate the forces.

The homes would be blacked out; The sound of the CRPF marching and caning at the shutters would continue through the night.  The Kashmiri trauma is unending. Kashmir has incurred a net Rs 6,400 crore loss during the curfew. Many blamed both India and Pakistan for the problems in Kashmir. They even blamed the Hurriyat leadership for the crisis. There have also been many violations of human rights.

The angry youth is wounded, badly shaken, restless. But let Kashmiris showcase their own Kashmir flags instead of Pakistani flags that is an insult to the Kashmiri culture. Most citizens detest such radical moves but the options were limited. Kashmiris show their anger to India by unfurling Pakistani flags and shouting pro-Pakistani slogans. That is natural.

The killing of Wani has ended the limping peace process, and both India and Pakistan are the real cause for the creation of such a paralysis and world knows and Kashmiris believe that the two countries have their own interest in keeping the issue on the boil.

Kashmir has been suffering without sleep and real chance for or peace, only fears. The forces had to bear the brunt of the numerous injuries caused by pellets. Although they said they sprayed the pellets on the streets, which recoiled and hit the attacking crowd, doctors at the SMHS Hospital tell a different version.

Kashmir’s elite community want the India’s powerful security forces with blanket laws to leave the city, where they have been intimidating locals. If the forces had left the city then the protesters would have had no one to throw stones at. Their hope is that law and order improves. Military atrocities promote anti-Indian mood in Kashmir. During an India-Pakistan cricket match, most Kashmiris support Pakistan, members of the city’s elite say. It is just a way to vent their anger at the Indian government for the atrocities that the people of Kashmir have experienced. Even Muslim children in Kashmir, a target of occupying military forces, have begun to discuss the crisis and its consequences, especially fear.  They wend their fear: ‘Better to die than live’. The Valley was buzzing with slogans of azadi; the anti-India sentiments were at its height. A local unemployed boy, a regular participant in protests, said it was better to die than live in a police state.


Unfortunately, it appears, children in Kashmir, like in Palestine, are born only to get terrorized and killed by enemy military forces. There seems to be no hopes of life or future for Muslims in Kashmir. While India keeps killing them without worrying about punishment for state crimes, Pakistan seems to promote that trend.

The ongoing psychological warfare is deepening the wounds and engulfing the next generation with hatred towards India and military in general. Many in Kashmir remained hopeful that lasting peace and normalcy would return and UN would help Kashmiris make their own home – a sovereign nation.

India and Pakistan have no right to destroy Kashmir and kill Kashmiris. If Pakistan or Kashmiris think Kashmir would be part of Pakistan that dream would remains possibly forever because there is no way India would not let that happen, no matter which party rules. However, if Kashmiris are fighting genuinely for sovereignty, they are on the right path. It is the birth right of every Kashmiri to fight for independence and for new Kashmir. The decision in this regard has be taken by Pakistan and Kashmiris only..

Kashmiris have to infuse a sense of realism into their urge for Kashmir so that their demand looks sensible and meaningful. They need to let the world know that they are not fighting for Pakistan but for themselves, for their future. Pakistan should assure the world that it is fighting for to ensure a sovereign nation for Kashmiris and does not intent to make Kashmir a part of itself. Only then even Indians would begin to support struggle of Kashmiris for independence, adding strength to their freedoms struggle.

[Courtesy Kashmir Watch]

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