The impact of the Sino-Indian border conflicts

Wei Wang, Aijiao Liu & Bingfeng Fu In 2020, the Covid-2019 swept the world. Faced with this unprecedented problem, all countries seemed helpless at the beginning, and only alleviated it soon. The Covid-2019 has brought disaster to the people, put pressure on the country, and hit the global economic integration. …

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Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis in the world

By: Muhammad Asad Ayoob  Yemen is habitat of more than 30 Million people. Yemen is one of the poorest and undeveloped country in terms of infrastructure and is politically unstable in Middle East. Following the Arab spring in 2011, people of Yemen wanted to change the authoritarian regime of Ali …

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Climate Change An Alarming Threat To World

By: M. Shaheer Khan United Nations was introduced as an international organ for the maintenance of international peace and security between states, free from any discrimination and addressing other non-traditional security paradigms that could have threatened lives of the wellbeing of an individual human being. United Nation does have a …

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