Islamabad: On 27 September 2020, at around 06:00, the armed forces of Armenia have blatantly violated the ceasefire regime and using large-caliber weapons, mortar launchers and artillery have launched an intensive attack on the positions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan along the frontline, as well as densely civilian populated …

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Why Myanmar’s COVID-19 epidemic suddenly “bounce”?

He Yongjie , Xie Mulan, Li Gen Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Myanmar government has made unremitting efforts to control the epidemic in terms of import prevention, non-proliferation and free medical care. As one of the underdeveloped countries in the world, Myanmar’s epidemic prevention efforts have been appreciated and …

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Challenges for Sino-India Relations

Hu Juan  &  Zhang Yifan As two populous countries globally, Sino-Indian relations play an important role not only in regional peace and stability, but also in the common development and prosperity of the whole world. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic at the end of 2019, the world situation …

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