Pakistan, Afghanistan and Us agree to eliminate Daish

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States expressed their commitment at a tripartite meeting on Thursday expressed their commitment to eliminate the militant Daesh (IS) from the region that could be achieved through information sharing, complementary efforts and enhanced cooperation.

According to ISPR press release Participants re-affirmed their resolve to continue fight against the common threat of terrorism

Director General Military Operations Maj Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza led the six member Pakistan military delegation to eliminate Daesh. The trio met as the Pakistan government was reassessing President Trump ties with the US in the aftermath of its new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

The three sides discussed areas of mutual security interests and concerns during the meeting. This implies that besides talking about the growing threat of the IS, the three sides also deliberated on other issues of concern to them as well, the ISPR handout said.

The six-member Pakistani delegation led by Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Maj Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza in Kabul also held bilateral meeting with Afghan officials at the ministry, ISPR statement said.

Both sides discussed important issues linked to cross border fire, attacks, counter-terrorism, coordinated actions on respective side along the border and detainees exchange were discussed.

Both sides agreed to make progress in line with the commitments made at recent high level meetings and formulate an action plan, which will contribute towards improving security along the Pak-Afghan border through enhanced cooperation.

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