Pakistan and India are not Serious to Resolve Kashmir Dispute : JKLF

Islamabad: Amanullah Khan, the Patron-in-Chief of JKLF, has said that peace efforts by India and Pakistan amid ignoring resolution of Kashmir issue is nothing but self-deceit, wastage of time and hoodwinking the international community. Mr. Khan while expressing his views during a press conference here in Islamabad said, singing peace songs without resolution of Kashmir issue that has so far taken hundreds and thousands of lives and loss of property worth billions during the two Indo-Pak wars and three freedom movement uprisings launched by Kashmiri people, speaks high of irresponsible attitude and criminal negligence on the part of India and Pakistan.

Registering his protest against the governments of India and Pakistan for not taking serious and practical steps that would ultimately lead to Kashmir resolution, Mr. Khan on the occasion of proposed Indo-Pak Foreign Ministers meeting on September 8, 2012 has demanded that Kashmir issue be prioritized on the top of agenda during their dialogue. After going through unprecedented sacrifices by people of Kashmir, justice demands that Kashmir conflict, existence of which has consumed 4 generations, should not be transferred to the next Kashmiri generation, he said. Mr. Khan while castigating Indian authorities for gross human rights violations by her forces in Indian held Kashmir condemned the use of force against the peaceful pro-liberation processions lead by Chairman JKLF, Yasin Malik and other pro-freedom leaders. For the peaceful, practicable, honorable and long lasting resolution of Kashmir both India and Pakistan along with the genuine ideological leadership of resistance movement should start a serious, result oriented and time bound dialogue process, he added.

Mr. Khan in categorical terms said we are neither against the increasing political and economical ties between the two countries nor against the peace process. He rather prayed for their strong and everlasting relations with the hope that they could play an important role for the development and world peace. But for it the peaceful, just, long-lasting and to all concerned parties an honorable solution of Kashmir issue is a must. He said, the just solution of Kashmir issue can prove a bridge of friendship that otherwise exists as a bone of contention between them. Mr. Khan while elaborating his proposed solution, the gist of which is the reunification of divided parts of Jammu Kashmir and establishment of an independent and sovereign state with a democratic and federal system of governance wherein every citizen of the state of whatsoever religion, cast, creed, sect or region he/she belongs to, would enjoy the equal rights.

The ideological leader of JKLF has presented the ways of implementation of his proposed formula on the page no 2 of included document. He said that Quad-e-Azam Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah in a policy statement on 11th July, 1947 has accepted the right to independence of

Kashmir while as Mr. Gopala Sawami Ayyanagar as the head of Indian delegation, in his speech on the floor of UNSC on 15th January, 1948 had also accepted Kashmir’s right to independence. Mr. Khan while expressing 10 mega benefits of his proposed solution, one of which is, that the formula provides a solution of Kashmir issue without shedding a drop of blood of either party.

The patron-in-Chief of JKLF has appealed to the national leadership and most importantly the people of Pakistan to support the idea of an independent and sovereign Jammu Kashmir State and hoped that the democracy and justice loving people of India and their representatives shall also support it.

Mr. Khan said that he has submitted this formula in the form of an appeal to the governments of India, Pakistan and both parts of Jammu Kashmir, political leadership, human rights organizations, representatives of media and intellectuals besides UN Secretary General, UNSC members and to 35 representatives of important countries in UN and has appealed them to play their respective role for its implementation.

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