Pakistan military ranked 13th most powerful in the world

US-based business insider has rated Pakistan’s military as the 13th most powerful amongest 25 strongest armies in the world. The ranking is based on the diversity of weapons possessed by each nation and the list has gauged the manpower available to each country too. Geography, logistical capacity, available natural resources and status of local industry are others factors taken into consideration. However, the possession of nuclear assets is not taken into account.

The list indicates statistics that show Pakistan – allocating $7 billion budget to its defense – has a total of 919,000 total military personnel. Its total aircraft, fighter aircraft and naval assets are 951, 301 and 197 respectively. Moreover, it possesses 2924 combat tanks overall.

Below is an exhaustive list of top 5 most powerful militaries in the world:

1. United States

Emerging on top is United States as the most powerful army. Its respective statistics are as follows:

With a total population of 323,995,528, US have military personnel amounting to 2,363,675. Its total aircraft, fighter aircraft and naval assets are 13762, 2296 and 415 (19 aircraft carriers) respectively. The US has 5,884 combat tanks. Furthermore, it allocates $587.8 billion towards its defense budget.

2. Russia

Followed in close is Russia with total military personnel of 3,371,027 for its 142,355,415 population. Dedicating $44.6 billion towards its defense budget, Russia has 3,794 total aircraft strength, 806 fighter aircraft, 20,216 combat tanks and 352 (one aircraft carrier) total naval assets.

3. China

Having total population of 1,373,541,278 China’s total military personnel are 3,712,500. With total aircraft strength 2,955, fighter aircraft 1,271, combat tanks 6,457 and total naval assets 714 (one aircraft carrier), China has secured the third rank. Its defense budget is $161.7 billion.

4. India

For a total population of 1,266,883,598, India has total military personnel of 4,207,250. Its total aircraft strength is 2,102, fighter aircraft 676, combat tanks 4,426 and total naval assets 295 (three aircraft carriers). Its defense budget is $51 billion.

5. France

Coming at last in top 5, France has total military personnel of 387,635 and total population 66,836,154. Its total aircraft strength, fighter aircraft, combat tanks and total naval assets amount to 1,305, 296, 406 and 118 (four aircraft carriers) respectively. France has a total defense budget of $35 billion.

Some other countries ranked on the list are United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Australia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Algeria coming in at the 25th spot.


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