Pakistan pledges to take action over evidence tabled by the Afghanistan

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Islamabad: Upon arrival form Islamabad where Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief Masoom Stanekzai held meeting with the top military and civil leadership, addressed a joint press conference along with Wais Ahmad Barmak interior minister of Afghanistan in Kabul, NDS chief said the Afghan government has handed over a list of names to Pakistan of people suspected of being involved in the recent attacks on Kabul. Masoom Stanekzai said a number of people had been arrested in the past few days in connection with the attacks and that these suspects had given details about where they were trained and where attacks were being planned.

The meeting was attended by NDS chief Masoom Stanekzai, the afghan ambassador to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal, Wais Ahmad Barmak interior minister of Afghanistan, Ahsan Iqbal Interior minister of Pakistan, Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) Chief Lt Gen. Naveed Mukhtar, Chief of General Staff General Bilal Akbar, and other officials.

Zardasht Shams, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad said, Afghanistan has meanwhile in the past handed Pakistan evidence showing the involvement of Pakistan-based militants in atrocities in Afghanistan; however, Pakistan never bothered to take action against the militants operating on its soil.

“Today (Wednesday) a high-level Afghan delegation which includes the head of the National Directorate of Security, and minister of interior as well as the president’s special representative and ambassador to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal held detailed discussions with Pakistan’s prime minister in the presence of the ISI chief , the minister of interior and other security officials,” said Zardasht Shams, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Afghanistan in Islamabad.

“At the meeting, they shared information about the recent attacks in the country and about the Taliban having claimed responsibility. They demanded the necessary measures to be taken in this respect. In turn, the Pakistani prime minister strongly condemned Taliban over the attacks and pledged to take necessary action in line with the evidence tabled by the Afghan side,” said Zardasht Shams, Deputy Head of Mission, reported by Tolo News.

Masoom Stankezai however stated it was “clear that attacks (on Afghanistan) are originating from across the border and that the international community knows where insurgents have safe havens.” He would not however reveal the names of suspects on the list handed to the Pakistani’s – stating that it could jeopardize their inquiry. Stanekzai also made it clear that recent attacks had been different and had targeted civilians, while the use of an ambulance in a bombing was also in contravention of international laws.

Wais Ahmad Barmak interior minister of Afghanistan in turn said information gathered shows that attacks are being planned in Chaman area of Baluchistan in Pakistan and that the Afghan delegation to Pakistan handed over a list of madras’s where attacks were being planned. This comes after the two senior government officials visited Islamabad on Wednesday and met with high-ranking intelligence and military leaders to discuss the recent attacks on Afghanistan. He said as a follow up, Pakistan will send a delegation to Kabul on Saturday to give feedback on questions Afghanistan put to them.

At the same time an official from the Afghan ministry of interior, deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said Afghanistan is considering to lodge a complaint with the UN Security Council, , If Pakistan does not cooperate in tackling the issue, MoI deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi, added  “Measures are being taken by the Afghan government, especially the ministry of interior, who will share all available evidence with the UN security council and other countries involved in the process,” reported by Tolo News.  

Ahead of the visit, Pakistan on Tuesday disclosed that it had handed over 27 suspected members of the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network to Afghanistan in November last year. However, the Afghan ambassador expressed his surprise and said he was not aware of any transfer. “This certainly is news to me! It would be a huge step forward in our important bilateral relations if this indeed happens,” Zakhilwal said in a tweet.

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been tense for months with each side accusing the other for lack of action against certain militant outfits on their respective soils.

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