Pakistan Thinks to Boycott NATO Summit on Afghanistan

By Arif Qoreshi

ISLAMABAD: After boycotting Bonn Conference and vacating the Shamsi Airbase from United States last December Pakistan is thinking seriously to boycott the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago and delay its decision to reopen NATO supply routes in retaliation for the latest US drone attack in North Waziristan Agency quoted by the Express Tribune Daily on Tuesday.

This was the first drone  attack since pakistani parliament last month approved new rules and regulations on relations with the United States, included a call for an end to drone strikes in Pakistani tribal areas.

A statement issued by the Foreign Office denounced the latest strike as “a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty”.

“Such attacks are in total contravention of international law and established norms of interstate relations,” it added. The matter would be taken up through diplomatic channels both in Islamabad and Washington.

A senior government official told that Pakistan was contemplating a number of options to convey a strong message on drone strikes to the US. One such option includes pulling out of the Chicago summit scheduled for May. It was, however, not clear whether Islamabad was formally invited to the gathering of nearly 50 heads of states and governments.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman requested the Pakistani leadership during his recent trip to attend the summit, claimed  the official. Although the trip of  Marc Grossman is widely considered failed in diplomatic circles of Pakistan and United States.

The latest strike took place in Miran shah, the main town in North Waziristan, on Sunday. The drone fired two missiles targeting an abandoned girls’ high school building used by militants, officials said. The school which is located in Qari Masjid village was abandoned by schoolchildren due militancy in the area.

“The building had been taken over by militants,” a local resident said.  An official from the area confirmed that three people have been killed and two wounded. “However, there are reports that there might be six suspected militants killed,” he added. Another security official said the compound was used mainly by Uzbek and Tajik militants.

Pakistan pulled out the Bonn  Conference in Germany last December  “on the future of Afghanistan” over the NATO attack on Pakistan check post in Mohamend Agency which killed 24 soldiers and left many injured.

Pakistan also forced the united states to vacate the Shamsi Airbase Washuk district of Balochistan in retaliation of Salala check post attack.



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