Palestine and Kashmir are Challenges for International Community

By Arif Qoreshi

Palestine and kashmir issues are challenges for international community. Peace can not be achieved in the Middle East and South Asia until these issues to be  solved. The day is not far when we raise the flag of Pakistan on the minarets of Grand Aqsa Mosque.International community should go ahead and help the Pakistan to solve its problems.

It was said by speakers in a  seminar in honor of the going ambassador of Palestine  organized by a Islamabad based CENTRE FOR POLITICAL STABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT.

 Former Federal Minister Mohmmad Ali Durani, Senator Mohmmad Nasir Mengal, Deputy Speaker Azad Kashmir Assembly Shaheen Dar, Chairman (CPSD) Abubakar Sadiq, acting ambassador of Saudi Arabia also spoke at the occasion.

The out going ambassador of Palestine doctor Hasim Hussain Abu Shunab  said that I feel myself a true Pakistani as every Pakistani feels himself a true Palestinian. He assured the audience that the day in not far when we raise the flag of Pakistan on the grand aqsa mosque.

He reiterated the commitment of Palestinian support to Pakistan at this hour of need. He said it is unforgettable for him the love he got from Pakistani people during his three years.

The Former Federal Minister Mohmmad Ali Durani said that the Palestinian ambassador lived like a Pakistani in Pakistan and the day is not far when we collectively offers the prayers in grand aqsa mosque.

He argued the International Community to play its role to solve the problems of Palestine and Kashmir. Durani also said on the occasion that there are two places in the world Saudi Arabia and Palestine that  all the muslmis have emotional attachment with these places.

The Chairman of the (CPSD) Abubakar Sadiq said that peace can not be achieved until the Kashmir and Palestine issues are not solved. He requested the international community and united nation to play its role to settle these issues.

The deputy speaker of azad Kashmir assembly Shaheen Dar said the depressed kashmiris and Palestinian are fighting for their cause.

Prominent Lawer Ahmad Raza Qasoori assured the Palestinian ambassador that we will continue the support of Palestine people until they achieve their goal.

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