Palestine will be a Free State Soon: Speakers

By Arif Qoreshi

Islamabad: Palestine foundation Pakistan (PLF) organized International solidarity Conference for Palestine issue  in a Local Hotel here Islamabad. National and international leaders were of the opinion that Zionism is getting weaker and weaker and soon Palestine will be free from its un-Justine occupation. Speakers strongly supported Palestinian people’s right of self determination. At the moment Mjlis Wahdat Muslmeen leaders criticized the role of Saudi Arabia, turkey and Qatar towards the issue of Syria. Shia leaders called the Saudi Arabian present regime are  the agents of United States and West. They also blamed that all three countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are behind the rebellion movement in Syria and sending terrorists inside the Syria.

Main Speakers of the conference were Hezbollah Lebanon representative Mr. Haider Dakmak In charge Al Quds Committee,Dr Ahmed Milli In charge Political wing of Hezbollah,Dr Sheikh us Slam In-charge international Al Quds Committee of Iran, Sheikh Rasheed, awami muslim league,Agha Murtaza Poya, a shia leader,Qazi Noorani, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan leader,Raja Nassir Abbas, secretary general majlis wahdat muslimen

amin shehdi, deputy secretary general   majlis wahdat muslimen

Dr Sheikh Ul Islam In-Charge International Al Quds Committee Iran in his speech said that Zionist regime is getting weaker and weaker and soon it will be vanished from world map. Soon Palestine will be a free state and all refugees will return to their home land. He says that it’s not the clash of religion in Palestine. We are thank full to our Pakistani brothers who always stand shoulder to shoulder with us.

Hezbollah Lebanon Leader Dr Haider Dakmak says that It is only because of following Islam that Palestinians are still struggling against Israel since last 60 years. It now the call of the time to highlight the problems of Palestinian peoples to rest of the world. Palestine is the land of prophets and it’s a holy place to us. Its defense is our responsibility. He says that our Pakistani brothers always support us and we thank full to them.

Agan Murtaza Poya A Prominent Shia Leaders strongly  criticized the Saudi Arabia and said that the  Al Saud are the American agents. Arab rulers are combined to weaken Syrian government. They are working to please their Lord the American and they are entering terrorist in Syria from Qatar boarder. He says that America is the root cause of all the problems of the world.

Secretary General Majlis Wahdat Muslemen Raja Nassir Abbas says that today what is happening in Syria is only an attempt to weaken struggle of Palestinian people. With deep sorrow we says the Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey governments are just full filling American agenda. He says that we always support every oppressed people and will always stand against every cruel, criminal regime. He says the now all the nations are supporting Palestinian cause and one days we will liberate Al Quds from Zionist regime.

 Allama Ameen Shaheedi Deputy Secretary General   Majlis Wahdat Muslimen said that Taliban are America agents and they are working to full fill American agenda in the region, He added that  Palestine issue could be resolved 60 years ago provided the western countries works according to the demand of justice. Everywhere in the world America is causing the humanity to suffer just too full fill his interests. He says that west has placed his agents as the rulers of Arab  countries. And these arab ruler wanted to to remove Bashar ul Asad Government so that a threat to Israel can be removed.

Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed Said that one who does not believe in Jihad is not a Muslim because Jihad is compulsory part of Islam. Palestine issue is the issue of Muslim world and people of Islamic republic of Pakistan strongly support Palestinian people.

World minority alliance leader j. Salik said that international community is turning deaf ear to the Palestine issue. United Nation Organization is not interested to solve the Palestine issue instead they work to support the Zionist regime. If we want to liberate Palestine first we have to liberate UNO.

Ulema Pakistan Central Leader Qazi Ahmed Noorani Jamiat says that Palestine issue is the issue of Entire humanity, this is not the issue of piece of land or group of people it is the issue of basic human rights. He urged the Muslim world to help Palestinian people.

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