PML-N strengthen kashmiris ideological relationship with Pakistan: AJK PM

Islamabad: AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that amendment in Act 1974, Financial Autonomy and unprecedented increase in the development budget is the result of the hard work of PML-N workers in last general elections.

Addressing at a gathering of PML-N workers and district office bearers of the party at Kashmir House, he said that if Muslim League was not established in Azad Kashmir these lofty goals of national importance could not have been achieved.

He said that the primary objective to establishment of Muslim League in Azad Kashmir was to strengthen ideological relationship of Kashmiri people with Pakistan and the resolution of some outstanding issues. Now the party by the grace of Almighty Allah had got success on both counts.

Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that his previous party Muslim Conference had detracted from the ideological path set by our forefathers and it was difficult for the ideological people like him to stay in this party.Referring to the Thirteen Amendments in AJK constitution, Farooq Haider Khan said that he have been working on the constitutional reforms since his first tenure as Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir and added that all the political parties including opposition PPP and Muslim Conference were taken into confidence before the amendments.

The AJK Prime Minister expressed his profound gratitude to the members of national security committee and the members of ex federal cabinet for according approval to the constitutional package for Azad Kashmir.Dispelling the impression that AJK has got nothing concrete after transfer of power from Kashmir Council to AJK government, the prime minister said that AJK has more powers than the provinces of Pakistan as no province in Pakistan can collect taxes while AJK has powers to collect the taxes after new amendments in the constitution.The Prime Minister urged the party workers to get ready for participation in the fortcoming local parties election with zeal and zest.

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