Pugwash suggests to Afghan Taliban and High Peace Council (HPC)

By Hikmat Safi

Kabul: Pugwash, a Canada-based organization, has suggested some points which could provide pitch for possible peace negotiation between Afghan Government and the Taliban, a statement from the organization said on Wednesday. The suggestion in a proposal format being updated and modified according to the various suggestions received from different sources the statement said.

“This is a proposal that we submitted for consideration to the Government, the Taliban and more generally to the Afghan public.” The proposal was particularly dispatched to the High Peace Council (HPC), to the Afghan National Security Council (NSC), to the Taliban political commission in Doha, the organization said.

Moreover, it had been presented during the last meeting on 13 December in Kabul, it had been communicated to various personalities in Afghanistan and among the Taliban and was also shared with various diplomatic missions. Many issues need of course to be specified and further discussed. Comments, suggestions and advises are more than welcome.

Pugwash is a nongovernmental organization and can only propose ideas and recommendations; it cannot organize negotiations. Pugwash is aware of the fact that the desire of reaching a peace agreement is universally shared by the Afghan public opinion. Peace is an extremely urgent need indeed.

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