PyCon Annual convention to be held in Pakistan on Dec 16

Islamabad: Pakistan is hosting the ‘PyCon’, annual convention for the first time on December 16 in Lahore. This convention will bring together Python programmers and technology enthusiasts from around the globe. The convention is being organised at FAST-NU in Lahore, and will feature Python related workshops and talks by international programming experts for both beginners as well as seasoned professionals.

Tickets for the conference are available at the official PyCon Pakistan website.

Python is an open source, general-purpose, beginner friendly language, which has replaced Java as the most popular introductory language at top universities in the US. PyCon Pakistan will highlight the capabilities of Python as a programming language, and connect developers as well as non-technical managers to the global Python community.

Some of the workshops and talks being organised at PyCon Pakistan include the development of Facebook Messenger bots with Python, as well as the application of Python language for healthcare startups.

Participants at the event will get a chance to attend talks and workshops, share ideas, get tips on unlocking the potential of Python, as well as display some of their most challenging accomplishments using the language.

PyCon Pakistan will feature several renowned speakers, including researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers from across Pakistan, as well as international professionals who have been working with cutting edge Python tech.

Python guru David Beazley who has served on the program committees for PyCon and the O’Reilly Open Source Convention will be one of the keynote speakers. He has also authored two books on Python.

Joining him as keynote speaker is Raymond Hettinger, who has been a Python core developer for 15 years, and has been speaking at Python conferences for the last ten years. He is also the creator of the collections module and itertools modules, and is also a popular trainer, having taught Python to over 4,000 engineers.

Seasoned entrepreneur Yassir Bashir will also be featured as a keynote speaker in the event. Bashir is the CEO of Arbisoft, a technology company based in Lahore, and has over 20 years of experience building software using Python, C++ and Java. He also has several research papers and industry patents to his name.


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