Raja Najabat announced road map to highlight Kashmir issue at International level

Arif Qureshi

Islamabad: Raja Najabat Hussain, chairman Jammu and Kashmir Self Determination Movement International (JKSDMI) has unfolded a comprehensive strategy and road map to highlight Kashmir issue at International level. He announced the road map for next three months to take up the issue of Kashmir at international level. He said JKSDM will launch a full-fledged campaign on the diplomatic front with the support of organizations active at the diplomatic level for Kashmir, including All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) AJK, Azad Kashmir leadership, members of the National Assembly and human rights activists.

Raja Najabat Hussain stated that JKSDM will fully co-operate with the All-Party Coordinating Committee UK and the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) AJK for the August 5 and August 15 protests.

Commenting on the recent report released by the British Foreign Office on human rights violations against 30 countries, Raja Najabat said we will start a full-fledged lobby campaign for not including and neglecting Human rights volitions of Indian security forces in Kashmir in the report.

JKSDM will write letters and email to British Foreign Secretary, Human Rights activists Lord Tariq Ahmed, Chairman Conservative Friends of Kashmir MP James Daly, All Parties Kashmir Parliamentary Group Chairperson MP Debbie Abrahams, Chairman Labour Friends of Kashmir Andrew Gwynne MP, MP Dominic Raab and other Members of Parliament to inform the sentiments of British Kashmiris and the real situation of Kashmir. 

Raja Najabat said that we have started our campaign with the writings of special letters and emails to British MPs, mayors, councilors and human rights activists in the UK to inform about the significance of Accession to Pakistan Day.

To mark the Accession to Pakistan Day Jammu and Kashmir Self-Determination Movement (JKSDMI) headed by Raja Najabat Hussain and Be The Merciful (BTM) Global led by Ms Sumaira Farrukh  jointly hosted a seminar titled ”Kashmir Accession Day and our Responsibilities”,  at National Press Club, Islamabad.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan while thanking the host of the event, Ms Sumaira Farrukh, for her social activities in AJK, said that her organization provided massive social support to the people of AJK during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Raja Najabat Hussain chairman Jammu and Kashmir Self Determination Movement International (JKSDMI) speaking on Pakistani media and various channels on the occasion of Pakistan’s Accession Day, said that on the one hand, Kashmiris around the world are celebrating July 19 as a renewed commitment. On the other hand, the government of Pakistan has adopted a weak foreign policy on Kashmir at the international level.

Raja Najabat Hussain said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan should convene an all-party conference (APC) and work out a joint strategy which includes all political parties and All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) leadership in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Pakistan should Call a conference of foreign ministers of Islamic countries on August 5 and take them to Muzaffarabad to show solidarity with Kashmiris.

A delegation led by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should be sent around the world to mobilize the international community, including the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Kashmiri and Hurriyat leadership.

Therefore, the government of Pakistan will have to launch a full and aggressive diplomatic campaign with the Kashmiri leadership, mobilizing every forum at the international level, the United Nations, the European Union, human rights organizations, the OIC, economic forums and powerful countries.

Chairman Tehreek-e-Haq Self-Determination International Raja Najabat Hussain and other movement officials paid tributes to all the Kashmiri leaders who passed the July 19 resolution who had given a clear mission by linking the future of Kashmiris with Pakistan.

Kashmir is continuing its struggle till date for the completion of this mission and this struggle will continue till the completion of this mission. Kashmir will be free from Indian domination and become part of Pakistan. Seven decades ago, the international community recognized the right of Kashmiris to self-determination and promised to give them this right, which has not been fulfilled till date.

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