Rich Ukrainian tradition deserves to be cherished: Ambassador

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Islamabad: Ukrainian Ambassador to Pakistan Volodymyr Lakomov said that by honouring the centennial of Ukrainian diplomacy on the highest governmental level, his country is sending a distinct message to the world that Independent Ukraine was not born yesterday and the Ukrainian statehood is based on a great tradition that deserves to be cherished.

Lakomov said this in his interaction with media-people here on Wednesday to mark the centenary of Ukrainian diplomatic service.

He said this year Ukraine celebrates several important anniversary dates linked with the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921.

“Everybody is aware of the fact that Ukraine is a young state. But Ukrainian statehood has a much longer history. It is comprised of over 1,000 years of the battle for freedom. We are the people who built a progressive state of Kyiv Rus’ a thousand years ago when present day Moscow did not even exist. We are the people who overcame the Mongol invasion of the 13th century. The Old Rus’-Ukrainian state maintained close ties with Byzantium, the Holy See, the German Empire, Poland, Hungary, France, Scandinavian states,” he remarked.

After the decline and collapse of the Old Rus’-Ukrainian state, he recalled that the Ukrainian diplomacy reached its significant progress during the Cossack era.

He said that Ukrainian Cossack state was one of the first democracies in Europe of Middle Ages and one of the first written constitutions in Europe was created by Ukrainian Cossack Hetman Pylyp Orlyk.

One of the most significant events of the Ukrainian national-democratic revolution was the establishment of the Western Ukrainian National Republic in November 1918, he noted.

“Nowadays, Russian post-imperial chauvinism attacked Ukraine yet again. A three-year-long war with Russia has resulted in the deaths of 10,000 people, the occupation of 7% of Ukrainian territory and the seizure, destruction or theft of 20% of the Ukrainian economy. Today still, thousands of our soldiers stand in Eastern Ukraine like a solid wall to protect us. In order to win the modern Russian hybrid war against Ukraine we need to unite, just as we did 100 years ago,” he added.

The Revolution of Dignity has pulled Ukraine from the post-Soviet and Moscow’s orbit forever, he said, adding that the national uprising demonstrated that Ukraine would never agree to an archaic despotic regime, but with blood would defend Ukraine’s way as a society that profoundly, in action, values human dignity and rights as well as international law as one of the main pillars of modern human civilization.
“Diplomacy plays a central role in counteracting Russian aggression. We are confident that with comprehensive diplomatic, financial and humanitarian assistance of our friends, we will overcome today’s difficulties,” he noted.
He said that now is the time to recollect another anniversary – a hundred years of diplomatic service of Ukraine.


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“This year we celebrate another anniversary, namely the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Our countries established diplomatic relations on March 16, 1992,” he remarked.
“As Ukrainian Ambassador in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I am very pleased to admit that Pakistan is among our good friends. The bilateral dialogue between both countries has always been friendly and sincere, based upon mutually beneficial cooperation,” he noted.
He said Pakistan and Ukraine take interest in each other’s market and stress their readiness to exploit huge unused potential for economic cooperation.

He said that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently admitted that Ukrainian diplomats “fulfill an extremely important function in the history of our state”.

“While celebrating here in Pakistan the centenary of the Ukrainian diplomatic service, I would like to stress that our experience in the past 25 years tells us that diplomacy plays a crucial role in mutually beneficial and pragmatic cooperation which is the best way for countries to get along with each other,” he concluded.

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