Role of Saudi Cultural Center to promote Arabic language in Pakistan

Special Report/Jamil Akhtar

A high level delegation of the King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language comprised by Dr. Bader bin Nada Al-Otaibi, from King Abdul Aziz University of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Harbi, Dean of the Faculty of Arabic Language at the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh and Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Shathri, faculty member at King Khalid College paid a weeklong tour of Pakistan. During their stay in Islamabad they held a number of meetings with the officials of the faculties and departments of the Arabic language of different colleges and universities. The king Abdullah international center for the service of Arabic language in cooperation with the Saudi Cultural Mission in Islamabad headed by Dr Ali bin Mohammed Husawi implemented six training courses of multi-language at different educational institutions.

The delegation in Islamabad highlighted the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in supporting the Arabic language, pointing out that the wise leadership has paid great attention to the support and dissemination of the Arabic language through the establishment of universities and specialized institutes at home and abroad. In addition to attracting large numbers of students from outside the Kingdom to study in the Kingdom’s universities, developing the abilities of Arabic language teachers in modern ways to teach them especially to non-native speakers. They briefed about the important role played by the King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language in this regard at international level to support and teach the Arabic language.

Dr. Ahmed Bin Yousuf Al-Darwish, President of the International Islamic University in Islamabad, facilitated the training course in the skills of teaching Arabic language, editing and language formulation for professors of the Faculty of Arabic Language and its graduate students. This session was organized by the International Islamic University in Islamabad represented by the Faculty of Arabic Language in cooperation with the Cultural Attaché Dr Ali bin Mohammed Husawi at the Central Library Hall of the University.

Dr. Bader bin Nada Al-Otaibi, In his interactions at  International Islamic University taught the Arabic language editing and drafting skills. Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Harbi, delivered a detailed lecture on research skills of the Arab Language. Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah Al-Shathri, briefed the audience on the topic of  the development of Arabic language teaching skills for non – native speakers at the Institute for Arabic Language Teaching in Islamabad. The delegation also took parted in the graduation ceremony of the sixteenth batch of students of the Saudi school Islamabad.

Dr Ali bin Mohammed Husawi, Saudi cultural attaché to Pakistan along with the  King Abdullah Center for the Arabic language delegation inaugurated the speech competition having title “Saudi Arabia ‘s efforts in the Arabic language service” at the National University of Modern Language (NUML). Where seven top universities from different cities of Pakistan participated in the completion.

Dr. Bader Al-Otaibi presented the training programme to the employees of the Embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Pakistan and its affiliated offices. The course was part of the scientific program held by the mission in cooperation with the King Abdullah Center for Arabic Language. And at the end of the tour a seminar titled: Saudi Arabia’s efforts and services for the Arabic language.  was held at the Saudi culture centre in Islamabad to honor the top ten winners of the competition who took parted in the Speech Contest scientific symposium.

The seminar was attended by the deans of Arabic language including National University of Modern Languages ​​of Pakistan, the International Islamic University of Islamabad, the Institute of Arabic Language. A number of Pakistani specialists in teaching and publishing Arabic, and the directors of the offices of the Kingdom Embassy in Islamabad. Dr. Ali bin Mohammed Hosawi, the Cultural Attaché at the Kingdom’s Embassy in Islamabad​​ briefed the audience about the activities and achievements of the delegation of King Abdullah Center for the Arabic Language during its current visit to Pakistan including training and a speech competition at the university level.

Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Maliki, the Ambassador of kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, and the Cultural Attaché Dr. Ali Hosawi distributed the cash prizes to the outstanding students of Pakistan in the speech competition, as well as commemorative shields and certificates of appreciation to the representatives of the Pakistani universities hosting the events and the coordinators and arbitrators of the competition.

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