Saudi Arabia & US agreed to push for extension of Iran arms embargo

JEDDAH: Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir and US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook on Monday called on the international community to extend a UN embargo on sales of weapons to Iran to prevent any expansion of the nation’s state-sponsored terrorism.

Speaking during a joint press conference in Riyadh, Al-Jubeir said Saudi and US policies on Iran are identical.
“We both see Iran as a grave danger not only to regional stability, but international stability,” he said.
“We believe that Iran is the chief sponsor of terrorism and that the international community has to be more firm in dealing with the Iranians and their proxies.”

To illustrate the threat, the Arab Coalition displayed weapons, including drones and missiles, believed to have been supplied by Iran to Houthi militias in Yemen, which were used in cross-border attacks on Saudi cities.

US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook on the occasion said  “The weapons that we see here today … are all the evidence we need that the arms embargo on Iran must not be lifted. We need to ensure that Iran has a harder time spreading deadly weapons.

“This is a fraction of the kind of deadly arms that have made their way not only here to Saudi Arabia, but around the Middle East, so this is the right time for the Security Council to do the right and necessary thing.”

Both officials agreed that the international community must put strong pressure on Tehran to abide by international laws, cease its support of terrorism, stop dealing with criminal organizations and drug cartels, and halt the killing of innocent people.

The UN embargo, which imposed 13 years ago, is due to expire in October. Adopted under UN Resolution 1747, which tightened sanctions in response to Tehran’s refusal to halt its nuclear program, it prohibits Iran from moving conventional weapons beyond its borders.

Iran-backed Houthis have carried out 1,659 attacks on Saudi Arabia in the past five years, using a variety of weapons, including 318 ballistic missiles, 371 drones, 64 explosive boats and 153 naval mines. The attacks are designed to threaten and target civilians, harm the global economy and disrupt shipping in violation of international and humanitarian laws, the coalition said.


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