ISLAMABAD:19-02-2012, Not for the  first time Saudi Arabia offered to mediate in Afghan issue but put hard condition to do that according to AFP.

AFP quoted a senior Saudi Arabian official on the condition of anonymity they are committed as they were in the past but the parties related to the issue will have to play their role saying “Taliban will have to lay down their arms, denounce al Qaeda and must take part in the political process.”

According to the Saudi official there is nothing new and Taliban know about our demands from years.

Before landing Pakistan karzai claimed in a interview to  Wall Street Journal  that his government is talking to the Taliban.

 “We were talking to the Taliban, we were talking to the senior-most of them,” Karzai said in the interview. Karzai dismissed reports saying that the Taliban don’t want to talk to his administration as just “someone making a statement.”

But Taliban spokesman denied the reports through a email to Global Post soon after the claim saying that “Taliban are not interested in talking to the Karzai-led government. “The Taliban strongly reject the president’s claim. The Taliban will never enter into a negotiation with the puppets.”

He warned of the likelihood of Taliban impostors. “The Islamic state believes that anybody involved in the dialogue does not represent the Taliban. It has been done in the past. Now many people are taking advantages of the scared enemy and making false promises.”

But experts are of the opinion that same kind of claims were heard and seen from Taliban when a few months ago  media spread the news of Taliban negotiations with united states in Qatar and finally they not only confirmed the reports but they are involve in these talks now.

Afghan president also said during the trip of Pakistan that his government has no objection to open the office of Taliban in Qatar but talks with Taliban can be held even in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, although Taliban rejected the claim of hamid karzai but not rule out the option of Saudi Arabia and Turkey till now.



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