Saudi Arabia has assumed its Islamic responsibility at all levels: Dr Al-Issa

JEDDAH: Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa, secretary general of the Muslim World League (MWL), has emphasized that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the spiritual reference for Muslims across the world.

“The Kingdom entails this sublime status due to its pioneering Islamic leadership role and its prestigious history in this regard. The Kingdom hosts international Islamic organizations with their distinctive independent characteristics such as Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), MWL and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB),” Dr-Issa said.

Attending a TV program, titled “Billatee Hiya Ahsan” (It is what is the best), Al-Issa noted that Saudi Arabia established MWL as an output of a lofty idea and then gifted it to the Islamic World.

“Makkah in Saudi Arabia is the qibla (direction to where Muslims turn in their prayers) of Muslims to where their hearts are attached to while Madinah is the city to where the conscience of Muslims is attached to in love of their noble Prophet (peace be upon him),” he said underscoring that Saudi Arabia has assumed its Islamic responsibility at all levels.

“There won’t be any Islamic authority in all its senses except to the nation that hosts Makkah, the qibla of the entire Muslims around the world.” Al-Issa also noted that the Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom has a global dimension in the hearts of Muslims.

“MWL has won the trust of both the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds, as its mission includes maintaining harmony and peace among the followers of religions and cultures, and strengthening the concept of civilizational alliance among nations and peoples through strengthening human partnerships.”

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