Saudi Arabia Should Develop Its Own Nuclear Weapons: Tehreek Difa-e-Harmain Sharifain

Arif Qureshi

Islamabad: Religious parties and scholars of Pakistan urged Saudi Arabia to develop its nuclear programme as early as possible to defend the holy citied of Mecca and Medina, the attack on the mosques of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in holy city of Medina is worse than drone attack. Enemies of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey wanted to damage through an international conspiracy. We will scarify our lives but will not bear to damage the ‘sacred’ cities of Mecca and Medina. With out unity among all the sect of Islam we cannot overcome challenges facing Islamic Ummah. It was said in a Difa-i-Harmain Sharifain convention organized by chief of Ansar-ul-Ummah(AuM) Maulana Fazal Rehman Khalil here in Islamabad on Monday.

Harkat-ul-Mujahideen founder (HuM), Maulan Fazal Rehman Khalil, Kashmir committee chairman Maulana Fazal Rehman, Member Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) Abu Turab Ali Muhmmad, Abdullah Gul chief Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan (TJP), chairman Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC)Maulana Sami ul Haq, Abdul Gafoor Haidri and chairman Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Qari Hafiz Jalndri spoke on the occasion.

In his presidential address Chairman Kashmir Committee Maulana Fazal Rehman said to Difa-i-Harmain Sharifain is not the issue of Muslims across the world rather it is issue of whole humanity. He said those who have a desire to get the control of Mecca and Medina will never succeed. Fazal Rehman said an arrangement of the holy cities in the hand of Al-Saud that is why their opponents try to politicize and get hold through conspires. It is a challenge and we will have to accept this challenge to protect the interests of Saudi Arabia. We should learn lesson form Turkey where government and opposition jointly defeated the dictatorship, Fazal Rehman added.


Abdullah Gul Chairman Tehreek Jawanan Pakistan (TJP) strongly condemned the suicide attacks on Saudi Arabian soil. He questioned from Senator John McCain, Chairman of US Senate Arms Services committee whose photos have been circulating with Islamic State (IS) chief Abu Bakar Al-Bagdadi. He said Iran is our neighbor and brotherly country and we cannot change our neighbors but at the same time we have a right to ask Iranian brothers why Indian RAW is operating from their soil.

Member Islamic Ideology council and deputy head Maulana Ali Muhmmad Abu Turab raised the question that Iranian Government should clarify about the activities of Indian spy agent kulbhushan yadav who was operating the intelligence network form Zahidan province of Iran.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are worst opponents of each other and in response to Iranian capability to secure nuclear weapons; Saudi Arabia has also threaten to develop its own nuclear capability. Last year a member of Saudi royal family and former intelligence chief of Saudi Arabia Prince Turki al-Faisal warned Iran that the kingdom would seek the same nuclear capabilities that Tehran is allowed to maintain under any deal.

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