Security Forces Claims To Arrest a Former Jaish Mohmmad and TTP Commander

LAKI MARVAT: Security Forces claimed on Sunday that they have arrested Threk Taliban Pakistan commander Asmatullah moavia with his four associates at a check post near Garh Bin Pull area of  near laki marwat accordidng to the local administration.

Security forces shifted the commander and his associates to the undisclosed place.

Asmatullah Moavia a native of district Vehari of Punjab and former commander of banned jaish mohmmad was on top of list declared   most wanted man by capital territory police Islamabad in august 2011 having connection with al- qeda and Threk Taliban Pakistan. He was also wanted for kidnapping a police officer in December 2010. He is said to have remained a member of maulana azhar masood jaish mohmmad which is operating against Indian rule in Indian Controlled Kashmir in the past. As he also took part in the jihad in Afghanistan, he left the jaish mohmmad latter and made contacts with Al-Qaeda and TTP which gave him the command of Punjab chapter of the TTP group. Since long it was said about him that he is operating from Miramshah.

According to Islamabad police He was wanted for the kidnapping of Islamabad police inspector Rana Pervez and a patwari – Rana Sadique. Asmatullah Moavia’s brother was arrested in connection with the kidnapping though later he was released as part of a deal under which the Moavia’s group agreed to set the inspector free in exchange for the brother. However, the kidnappers did not keep their part of the ‘deal’.

He was also wanted for the suicide attack at Naval Complex gate on December 2, 2009, which according to investigators, was aimed at President Asif Ali Zardari.


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