Sincerity leads Afghan Taliban to secure thumping victory: Former Senator

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Peshawar: Linking Afghan Taliban’s victory to the group’s sincere efforts to restore Sharia in the country, former senator and senior leader of Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) Saleh Shah hailed the ‘victory’ of the Tehreek Taliban Afghanistan and appreciated its leadership’s policy of “reconciliation and general amnesty.”
Talking to the Fortress, Shah said that the leadership of the Afghan Taliban secured a thumping victory over the NATO and US forces, depicting a legitimate struggle against the foreign occupation for 20-long years.
“Look, there is complete peace amid the policy of reconciliation in Afghanistan. And Taliban in Afghanistan got their country liberated from invaders by offering great sacrifices,” he added.
“We once again congratulate Maulvi Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Afghan Taliban over their historic victory,” he added.
The former senator expressed optimism that the Afghan Taliban would succeed in forming a stable Islamic government through wisdom and sincerity.

He said the Afghan nation desired all appreciation and that they have the help of God to achieve durable peace and tranquility in their country.
He said that the defeat and withdrawal of the American imperialist force and other foreign troops from the neighboring country was a landmark victory for the entire Ummah.
He recalled that the Afghan nation had expelled the former Soviet Union from Afghanistan and now inflicted a humiliating defeat on NATO and US forces who ruled the country for over two decades.

He hoped that fighters of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) would now quit fighting against Pakistan because they couldn’t any more use Afghan soil as the Afghan Taliban had committed that their soil would not be used against any country.
He said the Afghan Taliban took over Kabul without bloodshed and violence amid negative propaganda unleashed by the western media.
He lauded the general amnesty announced by the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan and hoped that a stable and inclusive government would be established in the neighboring country soon.
He said the new government would be reflective of the aspirations of the Afghans that would culminate in establishing the supremacy of Islamic laws.
His party had always supported the resistance against foreign forces in Afghanistan and the stay of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, he said, adding that Pakistan should extend all-out support in the reconstruction and rebuilding of Afghanistan.
He said that the US and other global partners badly failed to rebuild Afghanistan and its institutions despite spending billions of dollars.
“With the help and support of Allah Almighty and sincere efforts, Taliban have liberated their homeland,” he added.

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