Siraj ul Haq says Imran Khan led government making blunders after blunders

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Senator Siraj-ul-Haq has alleged that the PTI government had been making blunders after blunders but never mended its ways, and instead put the blame of its failures on religious scholars.

It is a defeatist attitude to blame others for one’s mistakes, and factually, it is the rulers who had been taking all the decisions in the country, he said while delivering Friday sermon at Mansoora Masjid.

Siraj-ul-Haq said the state had always been the biggest power in the country, if the rulers were right in claiming that ulema had been making the decisions then they should hand over the government to some religious scholar and step down.

Had the government taken correct decisions there would not have been the need to criticise the ulema for their mistakes, he said adding the ministers took it as their foremost duty to criticise the religious scholars while ignoring their basic duties.

The JI leader stressed that ulema had always adhered to the laws and regulations, and inculcated among the masses to abide by the law. He warned that government’s apathetic attitude towards the masses’ problems was pushing the people towards frustration and they were losing confidence in the government.

He appealed to the masses to reach out to the less fortunate during Ramazan, observe fast and offer prayers while adopting all precautionary measures against coronavirus, expressing hope that Allah Almighty would shower mercy on them and rid the mankind of the virus by answering their prayers. He stressed that the repentance and Astaghfar before The Almighty was the best weapon against the epidemic.

He emphasised that the lockdown had pushed millions more towards poverty line, and it was the duty of the fortunate countrymen to help out those in need, especially the widows, orphans and white-collar workers. Meanwhile, talking to a delegation of Jamiat Ittehad-ul-Ulema and Ulema Board, JI naib ameer liaqat Baloch said Ulema, Mashaikh and preachers should come forward to guide the Muslims in evading the forces of evil and turn towards Allah Almighty.

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