Special lunar eclipse: ‘Super blue blood moon’ to light up sky today

Islamabad: The triple lunar event will be seen today (Wednesday) as a blue moon, super moon and total eclipse blood moon will light up the sky in some parts of the country after 151 years.

People at some parts on the Earth will have an opportunity to witness all three lunar events at once, while most countries will miss out to see the triple lunar event, that hasn’t been seen since 1866.

It will be visible in some parts of Pakistan, Russia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and Australia, US, northeastern Europe. The total phase of this lunar eclipse, also known as Blood Moon, would be visible penumbral at 15.51 PST, an official of Met Office.

While the partial eclipse would begin at 16.48 PST whereas the total eclipse would start at 17.52 PST, however, the greatest eclipse time is 18.31 PST. The total eclipse would end at 19.08 PST, partial eclipse at 20.11 PST, and penumbral eclipse at 21.08 PST. The penumbral magnitude of the eclipse would be 2.2941while the umbral magnitude would be 1.3155.

‘Super blue blood moon’

A blue moon is called when the moon is full, and occurring twice in the calendar month. The moon is on a 28-day cycle so that only happens once in a while – or, as you might say, once in a blue moon.

While the supermoon appears larger and brighter than usual as it’s especially close to the Earth, during these times, the moon can appear 17 percent larger than it does at its furthest point in its orbit.

The moon doesn’t orbit Earth in a perfect circle – it’s an ellipse, which means there are times during the orbit that it is thousands of miles closer to Earth than others, A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow moves across the Moon, blocking out the light from the Sun.

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