Splendid 100th Romanian National Day reception held in Islamabad

Arif Qureshi

Romanian Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Nicolae Goia along with his senior embassy colleagues hosted a colorful reception to mark the 100th anniversary of the ‘Great Union Day’ also called “Unification Day” at a local hotel in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. It marks the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom in 1918. Ambassador Mr. Nicolae Goia and his wife Doina Goia along with embassy senior diplomats welcomed the guest at reception.

Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was the chief guest while Major Gen Abid Rafique also graced the occasion as a special guest. The event commenced with the national anthem of Romania, European Union and Pakistan which was followed by a cake cutting ceremony.  The diplomats and ambassadors of European countries, representatives of ruling and opposition political parties, senior journalists and business community of twin cities also attended the event.

The ambassador Nicolae Goia addressing on the occasion said that Pakistan is an important partner for Romania in the South Asian region and he greatly acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts in fighting terrorism, militancy and radical extremism. He hoped that these endeavors will continue to be an important part of the international war on terror.

In spite of these challenges, which obviously affected the advancement of many economic projects, he said that he welcomes the positive dynamics of the Pakistani economy, namely the steady and robust economic growth, as well the opportunities created for the foreign companies interested in doing business in Pakistan.

Romanian envoy further said that he is eager to work with the new cabinet of the Prime Minister Imran Khan, for taking forward the bilateral agenda, as well as the cooperation within the EU-Pakistan framework and in multilateral formats, especially in the UN. He also enlightened the audience about ‘The Centennial of the Great Union Day’. He said that the end of the First World War and the armistice concluded in 1918, it represents a crucial moment in the history of mankind causing deep changes both in international relations, and at socio-cultural level.

He said that Romania reaffirms its attachment to the principles of international law, promotion of mutual respect and good understanding, to dialogue and to multiculturalism, values that are the basis of its international profile and external action.

“We, Romania and Europe will always remember that 1.1 million soldiers from the subcontinent fought courageously in different battle fields of WWI and 60,000 of them, mostly from Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa had paid the ultimate price in defending the ideals of peace, freedom, liberty, dignity, democracy and fundamental human rights.

Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui in his speech appreciated Pakistan’s cordial and warm relations with Romania. He said that the Government of Pakistan is eager to explore more possibilities of cooperation especially the field of IT, telecommunications.

Pakistan and Romania are co-operating in various sectors. In Pakistan with Romanian assistance a number of projects were set up such as an oil refinery in Karachi and two cement plants in Lasbella and Kohat were jointly established to boost the existing trade volume but there is a dire need to collaborate in  other areas of economic cooperation like energy, IT, pharmaceutical.

Romania is the largest Balkan country and it has a strongly globalized and integrated economy. Romania is a staunch supporter of regional countries heading towards European integration. In Romanian History the Great Union of 1918 is the most historic day and is also known as Romanian National Day. On 1 December, Great Union Day celebrates the union of Romanian territories. This year in 2018 on 1st of December, Romania is going to celebrate the Centennial of the Great Union.

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