Sudan and South Sudan Sign a Historic Peace Agreement

By Arif Qoreshi

Islamabad: Mohammed Eldei Ali Charge d’ Affairs of Republic of  Sudan in Pakistan said that the peace  Agreement between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan has laid firm basis for peace and development between  the two neighboring states.

Addressing a press conference at the embassy in Islamabad on Friday regarding the peace Agreement signed between the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan in Addis Ababa on September 28, 2012 after a long civil war, the Sudanese charge d’affaires to Pakistan said that this agreement is big hope for both parts of Sudan who are now independent states.

“We are mindful of the urgent need to bring peace, security and stability to the people of Sudan and South Sudan, who have endured conflict for decades,” Ambassador Mohammed said.

Hailing the successful conclusion of negotiations between the two states on several critical issues relating to outstanding Comprehensive Peace Agreement (2005), he said commitments and post-secession agreement have yielded several agreements.

He was explaining the bright  features of the agreement signed by  the two Sudans in Addis Ababa, in which Ethiopia played a vital role  with the encouragement of the United Nations and African Union.

He said under the landmark agreement between  the two states  will cooperate with each other in economic and strategic areas with a view to promoting development as well as internal and external security of the two countries. South Sudan separated from Sudan last year through a referendum.

Eldei Ali said, main economic strength of the two Sudans is oil exports. As South Sudan lacks infrastructure for refining of oil and its exports, the northern Sudan has agreed to continue providing infrastructure facilities to the South. Republic of Sudan will receive $6 billion from South in respect of providing infrastructure facilities over three and a half years. The two countries have also agreed to have free trade between them. The north will facilitate south in foreign trade also.

The two countries have entered into a non-aggression pact. They also agreed to cooperate in strategic areas. They have setup a Joint Military Commission that will ensure peace on their common border. A buffer zone, forty miles wide, has been created on the common border which has been declared demilitarized. The buffer zone will also serve as a check against any invasion from any side. The two countries have also undertaken not to support any rebellious group in each other’s country.

According to the agreement, the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan have agreed to enhance mutual co-operation in the fields of oil and related economic matters; the Status of Nationals of each other’s State, mutual understanding on Boundary Demarcation; Co-operation on Central Banking issues and Trade and Trade-Related concerns, and developing a consensus on Certain Economic Matters Division of Assets and Liabilities, Arrears and Claims between the two parts of Sudan.

As per the agreement, Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan would establish and sustain viable mechanism and frameworks for co-operation and for managing their bilateral relations, including through regular Summit Meetings of their Heads of State, as well as through co-operation at Ministerial and Technical levels. The above agreements will enter into force immediately upon ratification of this Co-operation Agreement by the National Assemblies of each State, within forty days of signing this Agreement, Eldei Ali added.

Turning to Pakistan Sudans relations, the Charge d’ Affairs said, the Sudanese people and government hold Pakistan in high esteem.

They always shared Pakistan’s joys and sorrows. He said, Pakistan always supported Sudans cause in United Nations and at other international fora. Sudan and Pakistan has a long history of working together. He expressed the confidence that Pakistan and Republic of Sudan would continue promoting cooperation in various fields.

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