Sushma Swaraj’s diatribe

Pakistan took serious exception to the allegations of terrorism leveled by India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in her address at the UN General Assembly session in New York, saying that India has been using terrorism as a state policy in the region. Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at UN Maleeha Lodhi while responding to Swaraj’s diatribe said that Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav has confessed of committing terrorism in Pakistan. Rejecting Indian contention over Kashmir Dr. Maleha Lodi made it clear that Kashmir is not a part of Indian union, but the state [Jammu and Kashmir] has illegally been occupied by India.
Terming India’s constant denial to implement the UN resolutions on Kashmir dispute as a deception and aggression, Ambassador Lodhi said, “The international community will have to stop India from ceasefire violations on the Line of Control”. Lodhi while reiterating her country’s desire to resolve all outstanding disputes including the long-running dispute of Kashmir through talks said, “India will have to give up its policy of terrorism for talks”. “Repeating falsehoods year after year does not and cannot conceal or alter the truth. Stripping away the veil of deceit from Indian premier’s face ambassador Lodhi said, “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself was involved in killing of Muslims in Gujrat, and hands of several leaders of the ruling party [BJP] in India are stained with blood of innocent people”. Referring to the rising tide of religious intolerance in India she said that no minority in India is safe.

So far as the Indian stand on the issue of Kashmir is concerned, it is totally baseless and in contravention to international law and the essence of the UN charter. Kashmir, as per the international covenants, is a disputed territory awaiting its final settlement. Indian external affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s speech at the UN is simply a pack of white lies aimed at creating a smoke screen to hoodwink the international community.Swaraj’s claim that Pakistan was avoiding bilateral talks with India does not reflect reality as Pakistan has always in favour of dialogue to address all outstanding issues but unfortunately India has never shown its seriousness towards dialogue with Pakistan.
Rather than seizing this opportunity to find out a peaceful solution to Kashmir dispute it’s been observed that Indian used bilateral talks as a diplomatic tool to deceive world opinion.
While on the other hand India used “terror-related incidents within its territory” as a pretext to subvert dialogue process despite the fact that Pakistan too has witnessed worst kind of terrorism at the hands of dreaded militant outfits who were aided and abetted by Indian secret agencies. Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav confessed of committing terrorism in Pakistan. Yadav who is facing death sentence was caught red-handed in Pakistan, while engaged in sabotage, terrorism and espionage.So, instead of blaming Pakistan, India should stop its agencies that have been patronizing terror groups in Afghanistan as there have been credible reports that Indian spy agency RAW is directly involved in supporting and training terrorists who are hell bent on to destabilize Pakistan.
Secondly India has been creating hue and cry over the “isolated incidents of terror” in the country, but the so-called largest democracy has miserably failed to stop the state-terrorism and systematic genocide of Kashmiris in the UN recognized disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir where people are being killed, maimed and blinded ruthlessly without any rhyme and reason. Terrorism is indeed a big challenge but state sponsored terrorism that has claimed hundreds and thousands of lives in the territories under foreign occupation like Kashmir and Palestine is even a bigger threat to mankind that needs to be addressed simultaneously. It is an established fact that imperialistic approach, colonial mindset, interventionism and state-sponsored terrorism happen to be major causes of surging violence and extremism in the world. It is time that the terrorism practiced by states or governments and their agents and allies should be hold accountable at international level to make sure that justice is delivered to the victims of state sponsored terrorism.

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