SYP organizes candle vigil to express solidarity with APS victims

Rawalpindi:  State Youth Parliament (SYP) organized a candlelight vigil and special prayer at Army Public College, Ordnance road Rawalpindi on Thursday Evening to express solidarity with the victims of Peshawar carnage. SYP President Shaheer Sialvi have expressed their deepest condolences over the horrific terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar which claimed 141 lives including 131 schoolchildren.

The participants were holding banners and posters condemning the brutal attack. Students were holding placards at which anti-TTP slogans were mentioned. “Qura’an ka qanoon hai… khoon ka badla khoon hai”. Addressing the participants Shaheer Sialvi said “No words can express the ignominy of such an attack against children in their school. He further said “It’s the high time for National unity; all political and religious parties should come at one platform against terrorism. He demanded government of Pakistan to hang all terrorists that are in prison. Country wide protests will carry on until and unless terrorists are not hanged. No more Indian paid elements are allowed and we have to stop them by force .He further said that Government should warn India, not to support militant and terrorist groups. He said that each and every member of SYP stands with Pak Army”.

He further said that this was everyone’s loss and it was a black day for Humanity.“We are equally grieved and can feel the pain of those families who have lost their loved ones”, said Raja Nouman (Youth Ambassador of SYP at APCOMS).The hundreds of schoolchildren, people from civil societies, media and a number of citizens also took to part to condemn the terrorist attack. A special prayer services were also held by participants who expressed their solidarity with the parents of the children martyred by terrorists. The volunteers and members of State Youth Parliament also saluted the martyred of Peshawar terrorist attack.


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