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International community has witnessed another day with a big strike against Syria. Another destruction with the strong notion that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated at any cost. Any political system other than democracy will not be acknowledged, and Assad is practicing strict authoritarian regime. Therefore, no question of acceptability ever exists in case of Syria.

The US, UK and France have launched strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities” in Syria. The strikes came after a suspected chemical weapons attack in the former rebel stronghold of Douma. The strikes mark the subsequent attack, Trump ordered against Syria to punish Assad’s government. According to US, the action taken is to high spot the Red Line, which totally restricts use and manufacturing of chemical weapons. US said, it has proof that the Syrian regime carried out a chemical weapon attack on the periphery of Damascus. According to UK, there was no alternative left to deal with the case. As Haley said the United Kingdom, France and the United States acted, not as revenge but to deter the future use of chemical weapons by holding the Syrian regime responsible for its atrocities against humanity. Similarly, NATO allies expressed their “full support” for the strikes. EU also supported efforts to prevent the use of chemical weapons. Moscow had previously said there were no traces of any chemical attack in Douma. Inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are due to visit the scene on Saturday. Conversely, France, UK and the US have alleged that their own evidence already points to Damascus. The allegations stab the two countries’ intelligence agencies into more conflict, and the first members of UN weapons inspectors fact-finding mission arrived in Damascus to see whether evidences support to prove a chemical weapons attack had occurred, as photographs, blood samples and accounts from witnesses have shown. An emergency meeting was held by the UN Security Council on Saturday. Russia sought to secure a collective condemnation of the Syrian air strikes. But it failed to do so as only China and Bolivia voted in favor. In response, US envoy delivered President’s warning that if the Syrian regime will repeat the act then the United States is locked and loaded. Russia’s ambassador to the US warned that there would be consequences for the strikes. The Iranian foreign ministry strongly condemned the strikes against Syria by the US, UK and France. Hezbollah also warned regional consequences.

While ascending towards the further US goals which they aimed to achieve, specifies the 3 major objectives. Initially, they want their troops to stay in Syria so that they can have surety that chemical weapons are not used in any way that poses a risk to US interests. Secondly, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ ISIS) is defeated. The last one is the most alarming one, they can have a vantage point to stare, what Iran is doing. US envoy to UN clearly said that US troops will remain in Syria as long as Iran exists. Well, that’s the most frightening statement by US official.

From here, it can be deduced that the final objective might
be the most striking one. Continuing with the previous policy of resting troops like in Afghanistan, US can have a better view of all the activities happening in South Asia and the most focused Central Asia. Diverting our focus to other objective of eliminating chemical weapons, here we can get a hint of what has happened in Iraq. The war on Iraq was the clear justification of the removal of weapons of mass destruction. Later evidences discarded the alleged presence of any weapons in Iraq. There might be many other undercover objectives that needed to be fulfilled in Iraq. Approaching towards the other important objective is the elimination of terrorists’ safe heaven. According to US, they have all rights to use force to eliminate terrorists, so their attack on Syria is self-justified. The most rapid action in Syria increased the suspects that anything could be expected from US from now onwards.

Trump won the presidential elections by targeting the Muslims community. His recent actions raised the air of any suspected action that may take place to satisfy their interests. Keeping in consideration this scenario, same allegations are faced by Pakistan and there is demand of “Do More” by US. The souring of Pak-US current relations further aggravated the issue. Pakistan should be smart enough to its move towards US to avoid any such kind of actions at Pakistan’s soil on the name of so called elimination of terrorist’s safe heaven, as it seems they are probing for pretexts to do so. Correspondingly, there is need of strong setback towards the hard-liner policies of US if international community wants to restrict actions like this.


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