Taliban can Target the Nuclear Installations of Pakistan

By Arif Qoreshi

Military and police confirmed the reports that Taliban have made plan to attack on the nuclear installations of Pakistan in Dera Ghazi Khan. The Army and Punjab police have deployed heavy forces at one of Pakistan’s largest nuclear facilities in Dera Ghazi Khan.

DG Khan houses one of the largest nuclear facilities in the country, and has faced the first-ever serious security threat from the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP),” said a high ranking military officer currently serving at the installation.

According to an official who works at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, a key military and civilian fuel cycle site is located 40 kilometers from DG Khan.

Threat is Confirmed by Military ISI

Sources in the military and Punjab Police talking with local news paper ”The Express Tribune” that the nature of threat at the nuclear installation is ‘serious,’ with an 80% chance of occurrence.

The Inter-Services Intelligence reportedly intercepted a telephone call from the TTP members who  have been finalizing their strategy for attacks on nuclear installations in Dera Ghazi  Khan.

Three to four vehicles carrying suicide bombers are about to enter Dera Ghazi  Khan and can strike the nuclear facilities at any time, the caller concluded according to sources.

How to Defend the Attack?

DG Khan District Police Officer Chaudhry Saleem confirmed the threat and said that Dera Ghazi  Khan Police has received instructions from the military officer in charge at the nuclear installation to beef up security around the facility as much as possible.

Sources said that a heavy contingent of military from the Multan cantonment has also reached the site and beefed up the inner cordon of the security. Military has also been deployed near the border with Baluchistan.

Revenge Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani

Well-placed sources in law enforcement agencies said that when the TTP attacked Kamra air base, they announced that they would take revenge for killing of their South Punjab head Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani by attacking nuclear installations in DG Khan.

Sources said the DG Khan Police killed Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani in an encounter in the first week of August, along with eight of his companions. Qaisrani’s killing caused a major loss to the TTP in South Punjab, and the militant outfit vowed to take revenge.


  1. If Taliban hit the nuclear arsenals of Pakistan that will prove the American and western concerns that Taliban can get control of the Pakistan nuclear weapon. Last week  US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said  that there is a danger of nuclear weapons of Pakistan falling into the  hands of terrorists if terrorism is not controlled.
  2. After the concerns of united states Pakistan’s foreign office spokes man  has replied saying  that the  strategic assets are safe and sound and we have a robust command and control in place. So nobody should worry about the safety and security of our nuclear assets
  3. There is a perception  in Pakistan that United States wanted to get control of nuclear weapons of Pakistan and Americans are supporting some groups of Thrik Taliban Pakistan to attack on  Pakistan nuclear sites.
  4. But if Taliban hit the nuclear places then united states and west will pressurize Pakistan to take the joint command and control of nuclear weapon which will be unacceptable for Pakistan.
  5. And if Pakistan deny to give the joint control of its nuclear weapon United States can put sanctions on Pakistan and stop Pakistan’s civil and military aid.

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