The Republic of Kazakhstan: Story of Regional and Global Success

By Zaman Bajwa

 Since two years Kazakhstan has been making efforts to strengthen its position in United Nations Security Council. It completed its non-permanent membership in the council. Kazakhstan is the first Central Asian state which is elected to the UN Security Council, and during the chairmanship it actively promoted the interests of all regional states. The membership was carried out in accordance with the political address of UNSC president Nazarbayev, he called for “The conceptual vision of Kazakhstan to strengthening the Global partnership for building a safe, fair and prosperous world” In January 2018, Kazakhstan led the work of UN Security Council. As per the Security Council’s president’s remarks seven priority issues were given to Kazakhstan: Stability and sustainable development in Afghanistan and Central Asia, Creation of the Global Anti-Terrorist Coalition, Settlement the conflict in Syria, Strengthening the global nonproliferation regime, Reforming the United Nations Security Council, Creation of the Organization for Security and Development in Asia and Kazakh President urges world powers to find peaceful solutions to international problems

On January 19, ministerial debates, attended by Foreign Ministers of Kuwait, Russia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the United States, Equatorial Guinea and the delegations of UNSC and the European Union, under the chairmanship of minister of foreign affairs of Kazakhstan, were held focusing on building regional partnership in Afghanistan and Central Asia as a link to security and development. The meeting stresses upon the regional, inter-regional and international cooperation to achieve long-term peace, stability and sustainable development in Afghanistan and Central Asia, and the resolution supported the joint efforts of countries of the region towards the enhancement of peace, cooperation and prosperity zone. The resolution was adopted under the Presidential statement 2018/2. As a result of the effort done by Kazakhstan, for the first time in seven years, UNSC delegation visited Kabul resulted in 15 meetings with more than 120 representatives from all sectors of Afghan society, which helped them in giving an insight to the situation and objective understanding of the real interest and priorities of the civilian population.

Countering terrorism and violent extremism is one of the most serious threats to peace and security. On the proposal of President of Kazakhstan, creation of Global Anti-Terrorist Coalition was discussed in the United Nations headquarters in New York. On January 18, Kazakhstan launched the draft code of conduct for the achievement of a terrorism-free world at the UN headquarters. The draft aimed at terrorism free world by 2045 and creation of board of international coalition of partner countries. On September 28, the code of conduct was adopted by the UN General Assembly. Almost 80 countries have signed the document initiated by Kazakhstan aimed at strengthening global efforts to prevent and counter terrorism.

Kazakhstan hosted Astana process for the peaceful settlement in Syria and promote UN-led Negotiations in Geneva. The Astana process aims to create conditions to resolve the Syrian conflict as per the framework of Geneva Convention. It was the first document presented in the history of Syrian Civil war when both parties are on the negotiation table. Russia, Turkey, Iran served as negotiator whereas US acted as an observer country.

On January 18, Kazakhstan hosted a thematic briefing on “Non-Proliferation of weapons of Mass destruction: Confidence Building measures” chaired by the President of Kazakhstan. The statement adopted at the end of meeting focused on comprehensive Conflict Prevention Strategy, for the first time in the history of UN, this document focused on the problems of the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Kazakhstan offered the reforms in UNSC along with other member states, justifying that, “”in its present form, the Security Council no longer reflects the realities of our world.” The reason is that the UNSC refuses the current power centers and its influence on economy and policies of developing sector. It suggested that UNSC must give permanent membership to countries from all regions of the world.

Kazakhstan is also contributing in regional stability, such as it conducted a conference on “Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia – the Asian equivalent of the OSCE”. Kazakhstan proposed that the current security measure taken by the world are not diminishing the threat rather increasing it, as a result, the Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia, would cover rather larger area and would be more influential comparatively. In the Asia Europe Meeting in Brussels, Kazakh President urged the European and Asian leaders to avoid escalation of conflicts, as there is conflict in every country of the World, proposed that the dialogue between countries is important for de-escalation of conflicts such as that of Russia and Ukraine. The super powers must realize their responsibilities and resolve the conflicts.

Kazakhstan achieved position in UN Security Council through impartiality and transparency. Taking one  priority at a time, making its ways into the central Asian states as well as presenting UNSC that Kazakhstan is capable of having a permanent seat in UNSC. The resolutions adopted UNSC and presented by Kazakhstan as a main body shows the skills Kazakhstan has for the peaceful resolution of issues. On one hand Kazakhstan followed the UNSC pattern and on the other hand it offered reforms in the current UNSC system, and offered that UNSC must follow the realities of new world and give membership to countries from all region so that there is equal representation from each region rather than presentation from only powerful states. Kazakhstan has proved itself by bringing regional stability and taking into account the Afghanistan issue. Not only this, the resolution presented by Kazakhstan on Afghanistan, Syria and regional countries shows Kazakhstan’s commitment to peace and stability.

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