By Mahnoor Saleem

Twice tested by Great Britain, once invaded by Russia and now being disassembled by US, Afghanistan has always proved to be a land attracted by peculiar powers. From the time of Nadir shah abdali and Ahmad shah durrani in 1747 to the dismantling of King Zahir shah in 1947 Afghanistan has seen diversity igniting and fading within its own boundaries. Albeit 200 years of glory and opulence, with centuries of grandeur as charming legacy, still there is nothing today on table which can help in saving Afghanistan. It’s a land known to many yet still recognized by a few.

Like its forbidden mountains and isolated deepening valleys, who prohibit pledging allegiance with any face unknown to them? Similarly, Afghan is a nation comprising of local tribes with men, whose loyalties are simply definitive and always superintended towards their chieftain. History lays witness and we are adequately qualified to know that Afghans will never accept supremacy of a man other than one chosen by them. They refused to submit earlier, they are refusing now and they will refuse to submit again too, if provoked.

Just recently, Trump announced his policy towards Afghanistan, Pakistan, and to some extent towards India too. Despite his hollow expression towards Pakistan’s nuclear assets security, he still failed to won his spur in south Asia particularly and in rest of the world in general. Instead he announced to put more boots in ground and asked his generals to deploy up to 4000 more American Soldiers along with allied forces in Afghanistan. Indeed he is strolling right path; in order to make Afghan war as US’s longest war in history. Jhon.F.Kennedy once said, “Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.” I’ll re phrase it for Mr. Trump, “US must put an end to Afghan war or Afghan war will put an end to US”. This war is not only costing US, thousand American lives but also trillions of dollars.

America’s cogent war in Afghanistan since more than three decades, has not contributed in abolishing terrorism from ground as much as it has helped in flaming it. Drop one bomb and you’ll end up creating a whole lot of terrorists, if not out of ideological differences than due thirst of revenge for their beloveds. Drones have often aided US in their pursuit of killing terrorists, while creating new one. Cut off one head and two shall rise. The deeper they’ll drown the harder it will be to find shore. The longer they’ll prolong their war, the harder it will for them to pull out.

In addition to sending more troops in for fight, Mr. Trump also inflated the balloon of harboring enemies of America in the backyard, over US’s long time Afghan war ally and probably the only sufferer of war himself, Pakistan; off course after Afghanistan. He not only dares to call in question Pakistan’s honesty and integrity but also proclaimed to disintegrate Pakistan’s sovereignty. By threatening Pakistan to cut off military and development aid projects, Trump asked to turn over terrorist or face armed pressure.

Now for a reality check, Pakistan is the top list sufferer of Afghan war. With 70,000 men down and martyred we are in fact more like a scapegoat in US’s war on terror. According to existing records Pakistan has already lost more than $123 million dollars in someone else’s war. Quiet obviously it is understandable that stabilizing Afghanistan is Pakistan’s foremost goal. Pakistan share the largest 2200 km long border line with Afghanistan, known as Durand line, there is a regular exchange of goods under high level security measures between two states. In fact putting an end to afghan war is a win-win scenario for Pakistan.

In a nutshell, this recent US’s policy for Pakistan and Afghanistan is nothing but an effort of justify America’s fading influence and US’s ground losing position in Afghanistan, Pakistan specifically and Asia all together. Not to forget trumps falling for India policy, one can only expect this miscalculated move from trump of mentioning India out of blue while addressing his concerns about Pakistan and Afghanistan. Specially at the time, when Pakistan has taken number of solid evidences to international arena, in order to reveal  Godfather kind of game being played by Indian RAW and Afghan NDS, against Pakistan.

This statement of US’s president and his behavior towards this region might seems like a surprising move to many, but  to a few far seers this is exactly what People in Islamabad were expecting from a very long time. As china is gaining ground in Pakistan due to under process CPEC project, along with building tattered ties with Russia, as well as welcoming Iran to make Chahbahar port a sister port with Gawadar, it was par for the course to see men in Washington unsatisfied with officials in Islamabad. Though this kind of attitude from United States was always somewhere in the back of countable minds, but still even being a predictable move. It does not rationalize America’s indulgence in this matter to a fault.

The writer Mahnoor Saleem is a first year student of international relations in national defense University Islamabad, she can be reached at

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