Turkey introduces strict new measures to fight COVID-19

STANBUL: Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the nation’s president, announced a curfew restricting members of the public under age 20 (born after Jan. 1, 2000) from leaving their homes unless absolutely necessary.

He also announced a 15-day ban on vehicles leaving or entering 31 provinces, including Istanbul – home to nearly one-fifth of Turkey’s population – as well as the urban centers of the capital Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Adana.

The wearing of face-masks in crowded areas including stores is also now mandatory, said the president.

The gathering of crowds in all open spaces, including streets, is not allowed, he added.

Erdogan also announced that in just three days, over a billion Turkish liras (nearly $149 million) had been donated by over 300,000 people and institutions to Turkey’s national solidarity campaign “We are self sufficient, Turkey.”

The campaign was launched by Erdogan earlier this week when he donated seven months of his salary to the fund.

“Bringing things back to normal in our country is in the hands of our 83 million people,” he said.

He said he expects everyone “to take their own quarantine.”

Erdogan also paid tribute to a Turkish doctor who died on Wednesday after contracting coronavirus from a patient.

Anadolu Agency

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