UAE standing with Saudi Arabia in one trench: Mohamed bin Zayed

Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces said that the United Arab Emirates is strongly standing with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront challenges.

”UAE and Saudi Arabia are standing as partners in one trench to face besetting challenges. Our shared goals are security of the UAE and Saudi Arabia and stability of the whole region. We also share a common destiny and future,” Sheikh Mohamed said while opening the Presidential Guard Martyrs’ Park this evening in Mahawi Camp in Abu Dhabi, in tribute, memory and recognition of the nation’s martyrs and their heroism and sacrifices.

”The ultimate sacrifices offered by our martyrs in defence of right and duty are source of pride and dignity and represent medals of honour and glory for Emiratis generation after generation,” Sheikh Mohamed added.

Sheikh Mohamed noted that states are facing continuous challenges – whether small, big or daunting – and states that want to build themselves and have tracks like those of advanced nations should survive and surmount tremendous challenges and difficulties. ”Our participation in the Arab Coalition and our confrontation to challenges have made the UAE more stronger, vehemently resolve and well aware of how to face difficulties,” Sheikh Mohamed underscored.

Sheikh Mohamed also extended thanks to all those who served the country and sacrificed to ensure all Emiratis head are always held high.

“We will continue remembering our martyrs and commemorate their heroic sacrifices and the values they upheld. They are the source of pride and inspiration to all Emiratis and from them, our generations draw the values of selfless giving and patriotism,” he added.

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