UN, EU and International community should play their role regarding Kashmir: Altaf Ahmed Bhat

Arif Qureshi

Islamabad: Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement (JKSM) President Altaf Ahmed Bhat urged the international community and Human Rights groups to play their esteemed role to resolve decades old Kashmir Issue pending before United Nations since 1948.  JKSM President requested members of European and British Parliament to come forward and raise their voice for the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir who have been Killed, Blinded, Raped, Molested and Disappeared by Indian forces.  He said that the Kashmir dispute is neither a territorial nor Border issue between two nuclear armed countries Pakistan and India; rather it is a humanitarian issue for the future of twenty (20) million people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He expressed these views while addressing an International conference on the topic of “Kashmir: The case for freedom” organized by Tehreek-E-Kashmir United Kingdom in Burnley. The conference was attended and addressed by Mr. Andrew Stephension (MP), Julie Cooper (MP), Julie Ward (MEP), Sajjad Karim (MEP) , Wajid Khan (MEP) ,  Fahim Kiani President TEK UK, Muhammad Ghalib President TEK EU, Mian Abdul Waheed, DR Riaz Ahmad and Habib ur Rehman Afaqi.

JKSM President added that if United Nations (UN) and international community fails to resolve Kashmir dispute according to the UN resolutions as per promised by India the violence in Kashmir could not be stopped and the peace of South Asia remains at stake.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat while elaborating the history of Kashmir said that Kashmiris were struggling politically and peacefully for the right to self-determination promised by UN. In 1987 our leadership decided to take part in the local assembly election process and formed Muslim United Front (MUF) an amalgam of more than half dozen political and religious parties to contest jointly the assembly elections aimed to resolve the Kashmir dispute politically and democratically on the floor of Jammu and Kashmir legislative Assembly.

Unfortunately India rigged the elections and near about 40 candidates of Muslim United Front (MUF) including the then Syed Muhammad Yousuf Shäh presently known as Syed Salahuddin Chairman United Jihad Council (UJC) were winning the elections but Indian security establishment through controlled election commission declared them all  Candidates as losers. This political Drama of New Delhi forced the Kashmiri youth including Muhammad Yaseen Malik, Zafar Akbar Bhat, Maqbool Elahi, Aijaz A Dar, Abdullah Bangroo, Ishfaq Majid Wani, Hameed Sheikh, Shamsul Haq, Ashraf Dar, Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, Syed Salahuddin and so many others to pick up the arms to fight for the right of self-determination.

After the incident of 9/11 on the appeal of international community, the leading indigenous Kashmiri outfit Hizbul Mujahedeen (HM)  announced unilateral ceasefire in July 2000 to settle the Kashmir Conflict through talks Butt at that time India’s inflexible attitude once again pushed Kashmiri youth towards the violence. From that day I and my all colleagues are fighting politically under the umbrella of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) to achieve freedom from Indian occupation.

Since 1989 more than One Hundred Five thousand people were martyred, among those more than Seven thousand were killed by Indian forces in Custody. Near about One Hundred Forty Five thousand Civilians were arrested and tortured with third degree, One Hundred Thirty thousand Structures were set on fire and some 22 thousand women became widows since last 29 years in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Besides making the innocent women of Kashmir widows the Indian forces molested more than 11 thousand Mothers and daughters of Kashmir. One hundred seven thousand Kashmiri children lost their fathers and became orphans. This is just an overview of the India held Kashmir’s situation which we have been facing there for just demanding political rights and right of self-determination committed by the world community under the banner of United Nations.

JKSM President shared his own suffering and told audience that he lost more than 20 family members since 1989 and still raids at our family’s homes in Srinagar are routine. Since 1990 till now I and my elder brother Muhammad Akbar Bhat Senior APHC Leader and Chairman Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement (JKSM) never thought to give up. During the ongoing political movement my parents suffered a lot at the hands of Indian occupational forces.

The trail of destruction did not end here, but in 1994 our two houses at Shanker pora Srinagar were set on blaze (blasted with explosive) jointly by Border Security Force (BSF) and Special Task Force (STF) of India. My elder brother a well-known Social and Human Rights activist the prominent businessman of Srinagar Haji Abdul Ghani Bhat was assassinated by government hidden forces in his office in Srinagar.  My Maternal uncle Abdul Latif Chacha, wife of my elder brothers Haji Abdul Ghani Bhat, my Cousin Sisters my Cousin Brothers were martyred by the Indian Armed and hidden forces.

Altaf Ahmad Bhat along with Tehreek- e- Kashmir (TeK) leaders revealed 18 point Road Map before International community regarding Kashmir conflict through a press conference in Birmingham

My younger and elder brothers and every male family member were tortured time and again. Indian force left no stone unturned to harm and crush our family in Srinagar. I and my elder brother Zaffar Akbar Bhat decided to dedicate our lives for the Kashmir cause since 1990s and will continue our struggle till to achieve the Freedom from India. We Hope the sacrifices being rendered by the brave people of Kashmir and our family will never go in vain.

My wife and four children between the age of 2 to 16 can’t go to see their grandparents and other kith and kin’s, because of restrictions imposed by Indian Government. I can say my wife and kids are virtually in trauma in Islamabad Pakistan. I can tolerate the pain of this conflict but how can I pacify pains of my school going children and innocent wife.

The writer is an editor of Diplomatic News Magazine ” The Fortress” he can be reached at arifqoreshi@gmail.com

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