US decision can not weaken our legitimate struggle: Syed Salahuddin

Muzaffarabad: Hizbul Mujahideen’s supreme commander Syed Salahuddin has said that US decision to designate him as “global terrorist” will not make any difference to the legitimate struggle of people of Jammu and Kashmir in Indian held Kashmir (IOK).

Salahuddin, the chief of Hizb ul Mujahideen and Chairman of United Jehad Council (UJC) made these assertions while addressing a crowded press conference in Muzaffarabad termed the US department’s move as ‘foolish” made to please the Indian Prime Minister despite having no grounds against him.

Hizb Chief was of the view that such foolish acts can neither weaken our resolve nor stop us to fight against the brutal forces of India occupying our territory for last 70 years. Todays warm welcome and the resolve of the people across the state is a big slap on this foolish act made by the two extremist leader of the world.

He said, ‘“Wars are fought with courage and spirit in which you use even a stone as an atomic bomb,”, referring to the stone pelting unarmed youth challenging the Indian occupation forces in the held Kashmir that has unnerved the entire occupation machinery.

“Wars are fought with courage and spirit that makes you use even a stone as an atomic bomb,” he said, referring to the stone pelting by unarmed youth in the held Kashmir that has been giving a tough time to the entire occupation machinery.

He said that struggle of the pople of Jammu and Kashmir is a legitimate struggle based of UN resolutions and UN charter and whole world owns our struggle as legitimate, adding that US and India could not quote a single incident to prove that the Kashmiri freedom fighters were terrorists..

He challenged US administration and its President and repeated it thrice that “You cannot quote a single example, which can be defined as an act of terrorism by any definition of international law which I have committed or ordered to be committed during the last 27 years of the uprising.”

Salahuddin claimed that we have always maintained restraint otherwise we have the ability to hit any installation inside India, so that India does not get an opportunity to gain favour of the international community and brand our legitimate and lawful struggle as terrorism.

Underscoring the legitimate struggle of Kashmiris,  he asserted that “a struggle backed by the UN Charter and 18 resolutions of the Security Council pending on the UN agenda, can never be branded  as a terrorist movement by any international law.

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