USA Denies the Reports to Attack Iran from Kyrgyzstan

MOSCOW: The U.S. ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul denied on Thursday the claim of Russian foreign ministry that US is going the use the soil of Kyrgyzstan to attack Iran.

The ca news agency quoted the ambassador “ManasTransitCentercontributes to help stabilize and secureAfghanistanand will only be used for that purpose,” McFaul wrote in his Twitter micro log”.

Before that The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed concern on Wednesday that theUnited Statesmay use its base in Manas as part of a military conflict againstIranbecause of its proximity to the Islamic Republic (the distance between Kyrgyz capital Bishkek andTehranis about 1,331 miles).

After the ban fromPakistanto us led nato supply toAfghanistancentral asian countries got special attention because of their importance in the region.

TheU.S.began operations at the Manas base near the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek in 2001 in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to support military operations against the Taliban inAfghanistan. It remains a key supply facility for the ongoing military campaign there.

The base lease agreement between the two state is going to expire in the summer of 2014 andKyrgyzstanhas no intention to proceed the contract.

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