Uzbek Militants Attack the Pakistan Air Force Base in Peshawar


By Arif Qoreshi

Islamabad: The Pakistan Air Force base inside the Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar attacked by Uzbek militants belonging to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan on Saturday night. Peshawar air port  is jointly used by civilian airlines and the Pakistan  air force. Five militants and four civilian killed in the attack, while more than 40 were injured.

The militants wanted to enter inside the air base but they did not succeed. The spokes man of the Pakistan  air force group Captain Tariq Mahmood confirmed none of its planes has been damaged and  no militant has been able to penetrate inside the air field.

Although present attack of Taliban on Peshawar air force base  looks like  failed but the claim of government also proved wrong who says that they have control the militants.

On the other hand Taliban proved that  they can attack any where in Pakistan on civilian and military targets with out any hurdle despite multiple army offensives targeting their tribal areas.

Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said the movement had sent 10 suicide bombers to attack the airport, “Our target was the Pakistani Air Force base, not the Peshawar airport,” and he declared they will continue attacks against their enemies.

The chief military spokesman  Maj. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa claimed that all the militants who killed in the attack were Uzbek. The Taliban have been known to cooperate with militants from Uzbekistan in the past.

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is a declared terrorist organization by UN in 2003, and they have  close links with  Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and they  conduct  attacks in the northern region of Afghanistan against NATO forces and in Central Asia Countries.

The Peshawar  air force  is the third major military base attacked by the Taliban in past 18 months. In august 2001  militants attacked the Minhas air force base at Kamra, In that attack seven attackers and one soldiers were killed but the Taliban fighters then able to damaged very expensive Sweden made Saab -2000 aircraft.

The second attack was on may 2001 at  the headquarter of the Pakistan Navy’s in Karachi. In which 15 attackers killed 18 military personnel and two very precious  P3C Orion aircraft were  destroyed.

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