War Crimes Commited by Armenia

Adil Adilzade- Armenians have always been cruel and ruthless towards Turks. The facts show once again that Armenian psychology has not changed today. We are not the only ones saying this. The Armenians themselves admit it. In general, at the root of the Armenian mentality is isolation, confrontation, and vandalism. It would be more accurate to say that the foundation of the Armenians is directed against humanity. There are those who compare them with the Nazis. But if we pay attention, we will see that the Nazis took more prisoners in the occupied territories than they carried out massacres. However, Armenians seem to enjoy torturing and killing the inhabitants of the occupied territories, not to mention women and children. According to Bruce Hoffman, an American political analyst who studies terrorism and the fight against terrorism, Armenian terrorist groups committed 200 terrorist acts in the world from 1975 to 1986 alone. In general, Armenians have committed more than 30 terrorist acts in Azerbaijan in different years. Yeghishe Gevorkyan, an Armenian who voluntarily moved to Azerbaijan a few years ago, says that Armenian terror is still the basis of state policy. This is the obvious face of Armenian psychology. Although years have passed and human thinking and attitudes have changed, almost nothing has changed in Armenian thinking.
The scale of the genocide committed by the Armenian invaders in Khojaly on February 26, 1992, and the inhumane methods of punishment went down in history as the most horrible criminal act. Addressing the world community from the prestigious seat of the Council of Europe, former President of Armenia R. Kocharyan said he was proud of his participation in the military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh, especially in Khojaly. R. Kocharyan, who took part in this war crime, in fact, confirmed that he directly supported the act of genocide. This fact shows that the bloody events in Khojaly were planned and carried out by the Armenian leadership in advance.
Former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan commanded the forces that committed the Khojaly genocide in 1992, organized these forces, killed hundreds of people, and was directly involved in the genocide.
“Over the past 200 years, the people of Azerbaijan have been subjected to the policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide by Armenian nationalists and chauvinists”. These words were said by the chairman of the Committee of Family, Women, and Children of the Parliament of Azerbaijan, MP, Professor Hijran Huseynova, while acknowledging the crimes committed by Armenians against Azerbaijan, she said that the world community is still silent.

According to the MP, as a result of the genocide, deportation, and the ethnic cleansing policy pursued by Armenians in the twentieth century alone, Azerbaijan lost 29,800 square kilometers from 1918-to 1929, and 20 percent of our lands were occupied from 1991-to 1993:

“In total, 2.5 million Azerbaijanis have been victims of genocide and deportation. Contrary to all norms of international law, the Armenian state wants to annex the historical territories of Azerbaijan, demonstrating its readiness for all crimes and atrocities. They massacred Azerbaijanis in different villages and districts. The most horrible of them is the Khojaly genocide. By committing the Khojaly genocide, Armenia has shown its readiness to use the most brutal methods to intimidate Azerbaijanis and pursue a policy of aggression. Serzh Sargsyan, Armenia’s defense minister and later president, acknowledged this atrocity in an interview with British journalist Thomas de Waal: “Before Khojaly, Azerbaijanis thought that Armenians were incapable of attacking civilians. We broke this (stereotype). ” This is confirmed not only by Sargsyan but also by other Armenian criminals.

After the 44-day war, the construction and restoration work carried out in the liberated territories and the timely demining of mass graves are clear evidence of the atrocities committed by Armenians.

International legal acts of Armenian vandals who committed bloody terrorist acts in Karabakh and East Zangazur, the Khojaly genocide, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the IV Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians in War, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, It has grossly violated the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the Declaration on the Protection of Women and Children in Emergencies and Military Conflicts, and other international norms and principles. They must be tried and punished for their atrocities under both Azerbaijani and international law, including the Conventions. Azerbaijan should appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to bring these perpetrators to justice. All necessary documents are being prepared and work is being done by the relevant government agencies to restore the violated rights of our compatriots”.
It should be noted that Kocharyan and Sargsyan are at the top of the list sent to Interpol by various agencies.
Armenian writer Zori Balayan once again revealed the Armenian character in his book about the events in Khojaly. He writes that after the attack on Khojaly, he and his relatives visited the scene of the bloody events and saw an 11-year-old Turkish girl nailed to the wall of one of the houses. I peeled the skin off the head, chest, and abdomen of the Turk. I looked at the clock, the Turkish child died 7 minutes later. My soul was proud of the joy. We did it for 3 more Turkish children. I fulfilled my duty as an Armenian. I knew that every Armenian would be proud of our actions. ”
“I tried to cool my hatred for the Turks by removing the skin from the breast of a girl who was still dying,” Balayan writes. Writing this fact, the Armenian “intellectual” justifies the bloody incident by openly writing about his deep hatred for Azerbaijanis. Serious steps must be taken to find this internationally wanted person and bring him to justice.
Death camps have been set up in the village of Dashbulag, near Khojaly. In this regard, the articles published by Armenian authors in the world press attract attention. Armenian authors’ books “For the Cross” published in Syria and “Karabakh Diary” published in France talk about the terrible tortures inflicted on people. We must also use the confessions of Armenian authors to inform the world community about the atrocities committed in Khojaly.
Writer-journalist David Herdiyan proudly recalls the tragedies inflicted by Armenians on Azerbaijani Turks in Khojaly in his book “For the Cross”. On pages 19-76 of the book “For the Cross” he writes about the Khojaly genocide: “In the cold of the morning we had to build a bridge over the dead to cross the swamp near Dashbulag. I stepped on the chest of an 11-year-old girl and started walking. My legs and pants were covered in blood. And so I passed over 1,200 corpses.
On March 2, the Armenian group Gaflan (burning corpses) collected the bodies of about 2,000 lowly Mongols (Turks) and burned them in separate sections 1 km from Khojaly. I saw the girl. I looked carefully and saw that she was breathing slowly. Despite the cold, hunger, and severe injuries, she was still alive. I will never forget the eyes of this child who was fighting to the death. Then a soldier named Tigranyan grabbed his ears. He then threw them into the corpses, which were already covered with fuel oil. Then they burned them. There were cries and cries for help from the fire”.
Armenians also admit that the so-called “Armenian genocide” is a lie. Historian-writer Levon Panos Dabagyan, a well-known figure of Turkish Armenians, also emphasizes. It should be noted that Dabagyan is one of the few Armenians, and perhaps the first, to openly oppose the “genocide” campaign of the Armenian lobby and Western circles. Dabagyan himself says that the allegations of the “Armenian genocide” are unfounded, not only declaratively, but as a result of historical research. He has been studying the history of Ottoman Armenians for a long time, and in 2003 he published a major book, History of the Armenians of Turkey. Stressing that there has been no genocide against Armenians in Turkey throughout history, Dabagyan said that all statements in this regard are based on political interests, not historical facts. There is no such thing as genocide. ”
Today, many of those who hold important government positions in Armenia are either organizers or participants in terrorist acts against Azerbaijanis. They must answer to the international court as the perpetrators of terror and genocide against our compatriots.
By-Member of the Public Union for Support of Journalists in Diaspora Activities Adil Adilzade

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