We will not bow before the Indian occupation: JKLF chief Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik reiterated that we will not bow before the illegal Indian occupation and will continue our legitimated freedom struggle till the achievement of the desired goal. Present phase of struggle is led by people of Jammu Kashmir and will carry on according to their will and advice. no matter what kind of oppression is unleashed by India on us, howsoever much extreme be the false propaganda of India media against us, This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik who was released last night from Srinagar central jail after about 110 days of incarceration in a press conference at Abi Guzar today.

Deliberating upon the present situation in Jammu Kashmir, Yasin Malik said that after the martyrdom of Burhan Wani Shaheed, people of Jammu Kashmir spontaneously started a protest and resistance movement. This non-violent peaceful resistance led by the youth of Kashmir as usual was met with police and military force of India which in my eyes was no new thing. Same was done after Indra Abdullah accord in 1975 when people who opposed and resisted that accord and continued with the freedom struggle were put in Bahg I Mehtab interrogation center, red 16 and other places of torture and thus pushed to the wall and which finally resulted in an armed rebellion by the youth of Kashmir.

He said that today so-called chief minister Mrs. Mehbooba Mufti is saying that people’s revolution in 1988 was started by some uneducated youth and by saying so she is actually refuting her previous claims wherein she used to blame National Conference for pushing Muhammad Yasin Malik and Salah ud din to armed struggle . Yasin Malik said that the revolution of 1988 took birth from Islamic students’ league as it was the student cadre from ISL including Martyr Ishfaq Majeed wani etc who started that revolution.

He asked who was uneducated. Was Salah ud din uneducated; were ishfaq majeed and his friend pilot Nadeem khateeb uneducated? He said that Mehbooba mufti is uttering this rubbish because she has been crowned by Indian occupation and she wants to prove herself as more loyal than the king. He said that after the persuasion of USA, UK, European Union and Indian civil society, Kashmiris transformed their struggle and started a new phase of non-violent struggle in 2008 but India and its Kashmiri stooges instead of respecting that historical transformation used old tactics of crushing peaceful resistance with military might. Same was repeated in 2010, 2009 and 2011 and peaceful youth like Burhan Wani Shaheed who were on the forefront of peaceful political resistance were left with no space for peaceful resistance and forced to join armed resistance.

He said that in 1990 when Ishfaq Majeed Wani embraced martyrdom every eye in Jammu Kashmir wept for him and in 2016 when Burhan Wani embraced martyrdom every eye was wet. Yasin Malik said that this is the people’s peaceful response against Indian hegemony and India to crush this people’s response has adapted to oppressive methods of highest magnitude and during last 109 days about 95 innocents have been martyred by Indian bullets and pellets, more than 15000 are injured. More than 7000 have been hit by pellets among whom more than 1000 got hit in their eyes. He said that during these days more than 8000 peoples majority of whom are students and youth have been arrested among whom about 500 have been booked under PSA.

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