Why are women treated like a meaningless object?

By Sabina Khan

A piece of trash that can be used like a tissue and thrown away at a man’s disposal? Women are degraded and scrutinized at each point in life. Oh… it’s a “girl” taboo.

Oh she’s so skinny she’s so fat? She’s dark,she’s fair, Once she has reached her teens and her looks fall into place. Hasn’t a proposal come for her? Why isn’t she getting married? Oh she’s married so why doesn’t she have any children yet? When the children arrive then she is left at peace but then her children are made to go through the cycle of so called society and culture.

Women get married where they give up their childhood memories, parents, siblings and devote themselves to new people, new atmosphere and a new home. Then they give birth, gifting their husbands family with a so called heir.

The girl marries a single man but is responsible for the whole family. It’s weird how a daughter in law will always be a daughter in law for her husband’s mother but her own daughters will always be her babies. A mother in law can never be a mother there will always be that difference.

Sometimes the marriage is in a family where the girl is appreciated and  treated like a daughter but sometimes the family look at the girl as a free maid. Then there comes a time when the girl is mentally, physically or verbally tortured for the smallest of reasons. Between 2011 and 2017 there were over 51000 reports of abuse crimes against women in Pakistan.

One form of physical abuse is domestic violence.

Most domestic violence abuse goes unreported for the sake of family name and honour worldwide for both men and women. Very few people recognize themselves as abusers or victims because they consider their experiences as family conflicts that get out of control. But once a hand is raised its highly unlikely to stop. This cycle will continue.

domestic violence Is a behaviour which involves abuse or violence which can be against your partner, child or parent. In family situations it’s usually the wife who is at the receiving end. She’s considered to be weak and frail. How long will women put up with this crime? They Stay silent for the sake of family or reputation. No one actually has the strength to leave and walk out of a relationship in which they are suffering in silence.

Victims of domestic violence must take the first step to speak up for them self.

In our male dominated society women need another century to break the silence. It should be every mans moral, ethical and social responsibility to give space to woman and not to take them for granted. this issue should be spoken about openly and highlighted on electronic and social media. Just by talking to the victim we can offer them help. Raise awareness make it known. Just by talking about it and accepting it you may be able to help just that one person who feels isolated in this world. Let’s get rid of this taboo bring it to an end.

Sabina Khan is UK based researcher on child labor, slavery and human trafficking, she can be reached at Sabinakhan0506@gmail.con

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