World needs to act on Kashmir

By Zunaz Arif

Kashmir issue has remained a fundamental issue between India Pakistan since the inception of both countries. For Kashmir, both countries have fought many wars, and countless lives were disoriented on both sides of the border due to the Kashmir conflict. Kashmiri people remained the main victim of the Kashmir conflict and they become the victim of India’s oppression times and times again.

Kashmir was one of those conflicts which can be categorized as the conflict which remained a stain on the conscious of humanity which got very less attention but from the past few years due to economic clout of India, the world kept the normative perspective on the back foot while pursing the callous and cold-blooded policy of national interest. Due to the economic interest world ignored the blood on Indian hands and visually perceived India as shining and ascending India.

When BJP came to power in India with the history of fascism and Muslim execration, it not only adopted the policy of omission but additionally elongated its circle of abhorrence into Kashmir. Modi regime abolished article 35 A and 370. It eradicated the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian constitution. India made Kashmir the most immensely colossal jail in Human history. It made a travesty of human values, International law, and liberation of expression and acted like an oppressive monarch in the soi-disant most immensely colossal democracy in the world. The civil society around the world stood up against it, the media was plenary of the stories with Indian brutal, unclad, unconcealed and conspicuously discernible utilization of oppressive power on poor and inculpable Kashmiri people.

The world bellwethers again remained silent, they were unable to pressurize India to stop atrocities and genocide in Indian held Kashmir. Countries like France openly sided with India and fortified its human rights abuses. Except Turkey, Malaysia and Iran Muslim countries additionally stood aside like a spectator and couldn’t even get the valiancy to condemn Indian oppression. Human suffering and cries of Kashmiri women and children couldn’t pass through the thick shield of national interest which they have built around themselves. The selfish posture of the Muslims ruler was appalling and authentically dejected for the Kashmiri women children.

Now as the world is going through the toughest phase of the history, the covid19 is calming thousands of lives around the world, Modi transmuted the domicile law again in Kashmir. It is a clear effort on the component of the brutal Modi regime to transmute the demography of Kashmir. Demographic transmutation in the Kashmir will make solutions proposed in the UN resolutions useless.  It will further escalate the situation between India and Pakistan. It is unacceptable for people of Kashmir the way India is orchestrating to eradicate any possibility of tranquil resolution of the Kashmir issue. For Kashmiri people tenebrosity of oppression is surmounting the ray of hope.

The world should understand that both India and Pakistan are atomic potencies, Pakistan has made every possible effort to resolve the Kashmir issue through halcyon denotes and according to wishes and aspiration of Kashmiri people. Pakistan never left Kashmiri people alone and when there is no possibility of a halcyon solution is available on cards because of India’s actions both nuclear powers can go towards war. Pakistan, as compared to India, is a diminutive country and it has constrained to conventional potency. Due to this reason, we can’t rule out the possibility of nuclear war. The impact of a nuclear war will reach far beyond the borders of South Asia. The world is still facing the threat of climate change, nuclear war between India and Pakistan can ravage any human effort to rehabilitate and forfend the climate. The world needs to act and stop India from transmuting the demography of Kashmir, otherwise, the window of opportunity is closing and future of the world is on stake. World bellwethers won’t have anyone else to incriminate but themselves. They require to understand their economic interest if this plant won’t subsist.

Zunaz Arif is MPhil Scholar International Relations at National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad. she can be reachef at

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