World’s largest democracy exposed

The Mumbai attacks in November 2008 or 26/11 were projected as India’s 9/11, with an objective to tell the international community and the US that India is a victim of Pakistani state terrorism and the world needed to ostracize Pakistan. The media, especially Indian, went into a frenzy, bewildering and confounding the global audience. And the audience falling prey to media mongers rushed from one media story to another, trying to keep up with the latest updates of the terrorist attack.

Terrorist attacks are tragic enough when they are acts of violence by extremists but pain goes beyond imagination when such heinous crimes are facilitated by local police and intelligence agencies, directly or indirectly. The tragedy in such cases lies not only in the immediate human suffering but in the way civil society all over the world is betrayed and intimidated by some intelligence agencies for the sake of their foul agendas. The war on terror (WoT), which goes by different names in different countries but continues as a global framework for violent conflict, thrives on this fraud. Over the years, in order to unveil these frauds, civilians have stepped forward creating a tradition of unlocking the secrets or motives of war on terror and its offshoots like 26/11. One such investigator is Elias Davidsson, already known for his meticulous book, “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11” or his more recent work, “Psychologische Kriegsführung und gesellschaftliche Leugnung”. Davidsson has now written a book on the 2008 Mumbai attacks entitled, “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence”. Davidsson’s book is based on incisive and critical analysis of the official narrative of 26/11 and the author has endeavored to go through court documents and testimonies of dozens of important witnesses and their linkages with media outbursts parroted by the Indian media. After a detailed research, Davidsson has proved with authenticity that Indian version of Mumbai attacks was totally concocted, based on deceit and outright lies, and that it was promulgated through a well thought out disinformation campaign ensconced in hyperbole. Elias argues that supposed “26/11 mastermind” David Headley — a CIA agent who operated under the DIA cover — is just a red herring who probably had nothing to do with the operation.

Indian state investigation of the attacks was a big eyewash to bamboozle the state narrative and cheat Indian and international audience, just to blame Pakistan. He writes, “It is highly plausible, that major institutional actors in India, the United States and possibly Israel, were complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks of 26/11; evidence of a deceptive investigation is even stronger.” The Indian courts ignored the prime evidence and failed to reach viable conclusions, doing injustice to the whole case. Powerful institutions in India and the US were the main beneficiaries of this mass-murder conducted by Indian prime Intelligence Agency, RAW and her surrogates. The book also reveals that how easy it was, based on such a narrative, to get a bonanza of funds and equipment for the Mumbai police and why it was possible for India’s armed forces to get an immediate 21% hike in military spending with promises of continuing increases in subsequent years. There was a deliberate and tacit consensus within the mainstream media, RAW, judiciary, political elite, police and investigating agencies to cover up the facts on 26/11, it amounted to protection of the real criminals. The author exclaims, “I could discover no hint of a desire among the aforementioned parties to establish the truth on these deadly events.” Furthermore, Professor Graeme McQueen has carried out an in-depth analysis of Davidsson’s narrative and concluded that immediate finger pointing of the perpetrator is typical modus operandi in false flag operations. When officials claim to know the identity of a perpetrator prior to any serious investigation, this suggests that a false narrative is being initiated and that strenuous efforts will soon be made to implant it in the mind of a population. Officials identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the killer of President John F. Kennedy and as a lone wolf with no associates even before he had been charged with the crime. In case of Mumbai attacks, the PM of India implied, while the attack was still in progress, that the perpetrators were from a terrorist group supported by Pakistan. Likewise, immediately after the attacks, Henry Kissinger attempted to implicate Pakistan. Elias noted in his book, “Kissinger sat with top executives from Goldman Sachs and India’s Tata group in the Taj Hotel to ‘chat about American politics’. Kissinger’s presence on the scene with Indian elites (the Tata family is one of India’s wealthiest, and the Tata Group owns the Taj) would be peculiar enough to cause raising of eyebrows, but when combined with his immediate fingering of Pakistan, it becomes extremely suspect.

Evidently, with the exposure of false flag operation 26/11, the “world’s largest democracy” has been exposed and so is the regional peace. As while perpetrating, no one has measured the consequences of such a ruthless false flag operation in highly nuclearized zone. Now should Pakistan take India to the ICJ for blaming her for an indigenous false flag operation conducted by RAW and western intelligence or ask for a UNSC resolution, does the international community cover false flag operations?

If Davidsson’s book has proved that the Mumbai attack on 26/11 was a false flag with Indian, American, British and Israeli intelligence collaborating to malign Pakistan and since the patterns of deception common in the War on Terror are out in the open, will the US and India put a halt to “to-do more” mantra regarding Pakistan?

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