Xinjiang Muslim medical staff unites in Wuhan to support battle against COVID-19

Muhammad Varaei

I am an Iranian student studying in Wuhan University. After the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, I stayed in the school to concentrate on scientific research. I personally felt the strength of the Wuhan people, the solidarity of the Chinese people. And I found that many of my Xinjiang Muslim siblings voluntarily came to Wuhan to fight against the epidemic. Now, let me talk about my feelings about of their selflessness and fearless dedication.

In early 2020, since the sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Chinese government and the Chinese people have spared no effort to fight the epidemic. Amid the epidemic, medical teams across China quickly assisted Wuhan, among which the Xinjiang medical team also actively participated in fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang love Wuhan and Hubei. They have dispatched a number of batches of medical personnel to assist Wuhan. The first Xinjiang medical team with 142 staff set off from Urumqi to assist Hubei in fighting against novel coronavirus. Many of them are my Muslim siblings who keep in mind the vows of medical treatment, being selfless, race to guard life and fight against time and epidemic.

It is reported that there is a Uyghur doctor named Ainur Yasheng, who is both a medical staff and my lovely and respectable Muslim sister. Amid this epidemic, the medical staff in the areas of respiratory and critical care is most urgently needed. As a member of the hospital’s expert group, she took the initiative to submit a letter of voluntarily assisting Wuhan, waiting for the expedition order while studying the knowledge of the novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and treatment, and organizing the staff to carry out skills training in infectious disease protection. She treats patients with exquisite medicine and cares for them with careful service, bringing positive attitude and optimistic mood to Wuhan patients. She said, “The Uyghur ethnic group is one of the Chinese nation family with 56 nationalities. People across the whole country united in their determination to overcome the epidemic and will overcome the current hardship and win the battle against the virus as soon as possible.” In addition, there will be 102 members in the second batch of medical workers from Xinjiang, and the team consists of five ethnic groups including the Hans and Uyghurs, the Kazakhs, the Mongolians, and the Huis, showcasing the great national unity of Xinjiang.

At the same time, after outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, many of my Muslim siblings in various regions of Xinjiang also actively participated in local epidemic prevention and control operations. It is reported that 469 medical personnel from each county or city in Xinjiang region formed 130 mobile medical teams to actively communicate with township health centers, community health service centers, and village clinics, and adopt on-site services to carry out common diseases diagnosis and treatment and medicine delivery service activities. For the people who have difficulty going to the hospital by themselves, they can take various forms such as accepting on-site medical treatment, getting unified registration and being transferred by the local community, or taking the volunteer dedicated convoys. The local governments take measures to ensure medical service for all the masses in need.

In addition, each mobile medical team accurately grasped the basic situation of patients requiring long-term follow-up in key population groups such as pregnant women, children, and the elderly when carrying out medical delivery services. On this basis, Xinjiang’s medical institutions at all levels will actively communicate and dock with village and community party branches, establish a long-term mechanism for medical assistance for key populations, track and assist key populations to ensure that there are no omissions and meet the demands of all people in need of medical services. Medical personnel timely research and understand their health status of patients with chronic diseases in the jurisdiction through telephone follow-up and other forms. At present, Xinjiang has a total of 320 medical team visits, 544 visits to communities and townships, and provided 7,204 medical services to the masses. A total of 159 medicines have been distributed with a value of more than 22,300 yuan, which effectively solves the problem of the masses’ difficulty in getting medical treatment and guarantees the physical and mental health of the masses, being highly recognized and commended by the masses.

During the fight against the novel coronavirus, many of my Muslim siblings in Xinjiang have participated in supporting the battle, which not only reflects the great solidarity of the people of all ethnic groups in China, but also reflects Xinjiang Muslims’ fine tradition of being patriotic and loving Islam. I hereby extend my respect for all of them.

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