Yasin Malik Laments International Community Response over Kashmir


File photo of Yasin Malik

SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik has expressed hope that the Kashmiris are able and can get their goal through democratic and political way if international community and Indian people support our principle and peaceful struggle.

Muhammad Yasin Malik said this during a meeting with media in srinagar, however he  complained that the international community, Indian government and its civil  society did not value the Kashmiris’ transition to the mode.

“We had a collective transition on the streets of Kashmir in 2008, we were expecting the international community and the Indian state, Indian civil society would respect this transition because the boys who took to the gun were on streets for a democratic movement but unfortunately again force was used and 72 got killed and hundreds injured,” he lamented.

“And then 118 people were killed in 2010. It is most unfortunate on part of the international community that Indian state and civil society who would peruse Kashmiri people to convince them that peaceful democratic movement is a better option to get the issue resolved, but till now we have got only body bags,” the JKLF Chairman complained.

“I personally still hope without wasting time people at the helm will respect this transition and find the way to resolve the dispute according to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir,” he said.

He added  that we have not received except graveyards from Indian troops from last 20 years.


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